We are a group of guys who play in Canberra in the ACT.

We play for fun although we all like to have a win. Games are generally played in three week rounds through-out the season (see League Rules in the menu).

If you are interested in playing in the next season contact the commissioner via email: Carbrawn@internode.on.net

We would like to thank the supporters of the league and the 2014 Canberra Cup.

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Apr. 18th, 2017 - old news
Brave New Season
Many of you have already played or read the new rules from Games Workshop, and with the renewed interest in the game we look to have several new starters for the new season as well as some old coaches returning from hiatus. This notice is to let you know there has been some decisions on the introduction of the new rules which will change the structure of the league.††

For a start, we are drawing a line between all existing teams and any new teams created with the new rules for the upcoming season onwards.† For the time being we are dropping back to two divisions, Legends and Origins.† All existing teams will be only be able to compete in the Legends division and new teams will play in a single Origins division unless numbers increase to a point where this would not be viable or until new teams develop to a point where inducements arenít enough to level the playing field.† Given the changes to Treasury and repurchasing, this second instance may not occur.

The future of the Open division is still being considered in light of the repurchasing rules for returning teams.

With this change in mind, coaches will be restricted to one team in each division for the interim so start considering what team(s) you will want to run next season.† For new teams, let me know the race and team name and Iíll register it so you can fill out the roster before the season starts.
- Carbrawn
Nov. 2nd, 2014 - old news
Canberra Cup Results 2014
1st cuttant - Undead
2nd lelruthus - Amazons
3rd stinging_monkey - Norse
4th Peter_Moller - Undead
5th sledge - High Elves
6th Virral - Necromantic
7th Drakeular - Wood Elves
8th Big-A - Slaan
9th Babs - Humans
10th Sumbloke - Chaos
11th georgiecristo - Orcs
12th D_Arquebus - Vampires
13th Azza - Orcs
14th Cuttz - Skaven
15th Nik_the_Pig - Chaos*
16th Carbrawn_Halflings *
* only played 2 games.
- Carbrawn
Mar. 26th, 2013 - old news
ACT wins again!
The ACT team has successfully defended their title at the Ausbowl State Championship. Congratulations to
Andrew Rintoul
Andrew Vulling
Anthony Cutting
Michel Poledri
Peter McAndrew
Richard Andrew
who took the win after a head-to-head against NSW in the last round.
It should also be mentioned that the only game NSW won in that round was with our own Rod Noy.

Two more years of bragging rights thanks to these top coaches. Well done again.
- Carbrawn
July 30th, 2012 - old news
Canberra Cup Results 2012
Full placings and awards were
1st D_Arquebus - Chaos Pact
2nd BeefyGoodness - Lizardmen
3rd Grumpsh - Wood Elves
4th Big_A - Chaos Pact
5th MMM - Wood Elves
6th Shadow - Elves (Most TD)
7th RightStuffRiley - Slaan
8th Azza - Chaos Pact (Most Cas, Best Painted Team)
9th Sumbloke - Halfling (passing his 100th NAF game)
10th Grimrod - Chaos (Best Painted Mini)
11th James/Keith - Slaan
12th Drakeular - Underworld
13th Lelruthus - Goblin
14th Carbrawn - Undead
15th MikeW - Orcs
16th Nestyr - Khemri

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a great couple of days and we are already planning ahead for extras in the prize packs and arrangements for next year.
- Carbrawn
Aug. 3rd, 2011 - old news
New Death record!
The 'Most kills inflicted in a match' has jumped from 4 to 6 in the the infernal comedy - FUBAR Fellows (Chaos Cup II, round 6) which also equaled the record for 'Most violent match'.

What a massacre, the infernal comedy lost a Marauder and their Minotaur Judas while FUBAR Fellows carried 2 Blockers, a Troll Slayer and their Super Star Blitzer Torgar Fastfist home in boxes. The $690k value of the missing FUBAR players was short of the injury record for a single team but the value of their dead players at $520k beats the Anarchist Angels who were the previous holders of the unwanted record with a measly $330k.
- Carbrawn

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Dungeon Bowl 4 Winner
Assassins Cowl 4 Winner
Southern Valley Shield 4 Winner

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