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Nov. 9th, 2015
Dark Times for Dark Elves
The Mome Raths came into the match with trepidation, the Black Mountain Ravens were nearly as fast, had everyone as agile as a Gutter Runner, had just as many skills spread but had them spread over every player including 10 Blodgers and 5 Guards. They also had 2 Assassins just waiting to plunge their blades into soft AV7 players. They hired an extra Apothecary as well as a Bloodweiser Babe for safety.
After winning the toss, the Mome Raths chose to receive and at the end of turn prospects looked brighter with two Dark Elves Badly Hurt, one Dead and the ball in the hands of a Thrower surrounded by team mates. The Ravens knew who the dangerous opponents were, the Assassin Larandar Valahuir tried to take out a Gutter Runner, narrowly failing to beat armour, and after no less than three team mates ran in to assist, the Witch Elf Lorandara Meliane Jumped-Up and KO’d the Rat Ogre Galumph. The next turn more Skaven hit the turf so despite outnumbering their opponents, the team newcomer Imbleg crossed on turn 3.
Galumph was still KO’d when the sky opened the ball became very slippery in the wet. The Ravens got aggressive with all three linerats from the LOS down (one of them badly hurt), the ball caged up on the LOS and the Skaven Blitzer Um T prone on the sideline with Lorandara Meliane waiting for him to stand back up. She was blitzed down and onto the sideline herself, allowing Um T to dodge out while the other Blitzer Ubj Ubj ran around the back of the LOS in an attempt to get to the ball that way. There wasn’t a lot of movement in the next few turns with both teams compressing into a smaller and smaller area shaped by the outlying players who dodged free each turn to contain their opponents. The Dark Elf Blodgers and Guards proved their worth with the Skaven unable to gain ground while their own numbers started to thin. Eventually the ball carrier Witch Elf was only 1 square from the EZ and the Mome Raths were desperate. AG4 players dodged through TZs to provide support and clear a path for Urbleb to dodge into 2 TZs and Blitz Arethel Mithaleil down, a couple of GFI’s meant the ball was in the TZ of Tackle Urbleb and Prehensile Tail Ifflewh. Dark Elves ran in from everywhere, Arethel used Jump Up, pushed Urbleb twice to be next to the Assassin Elured Dalos who KO’d him. Lorandara ignored the Foul Appearance, Blitzed Ifflewh to the ground (causing a crippling injury that the apothecary momentarily mistook for death), Curuthin Wertanthirpicked up the ball and walked over the line to end the half.

Galumph and three team mates recovered from KO leaving only Mimsy unconscious and the Skaven only one player short of their opponent and a Riot at the 2nd half kick wound down the clock. Curuthin Wertanthir tried a Quick Pass to the other Runner Silontol Haran but the wet weather was costly with the ball splashing to the ground at his feet. Realising the game was suddenly up for grabs, the Rats jumped at the chance, three dodges and 2 GFI’s got Urbleb to the ball where he activated his Inertial Dampener belt giving anyone who blitzed him a -1 ST, his team mate Chortle dodged through a LOS gap made by this team mates to provide backup. Curuthin got an assist from two team mates to hit Urbleb but ended up on the ground himself. Urbleb took the chance at a dodge and run towards the EZ with Chortle just behind him for protection, Galumph smacked Larandar into the Cas bin, the closest Witch Elf was put down and X-ome Man blitzed Lorandara next to Um T and ran down to support Urbleb. With two players between them and the magically protected ball carrier the Dark Elves would be hard pressed to get a positive Blitz so they decided to try and force the TD. With plenty of help, Lorandara pushed Galumph around but it was Legosul that put him down. Galumph failed to stand and Blitz and consumed a reroll with Loner. He was fouled and stunned by 6 Dark Elves while his team mates split between trying to support him and protect the ball. All the assisting Skaven were knocked down and Meltinir Aldaval fouled again with six assists, only to be sent off without beating armour. The Dark Elves were lucky again with Galumph remaining on the ground yelling like a baby until he was fouled a third time and Badly Hurt. Arethel KO’d Um T and Urbleb crossed the line on T16.
The Black Mountain Ravens did not give up. They set up for a 1T TD against the 8 Skaven that made the field. They pushed and bashed Legosul Daerleon into range and put down the linerat on the last hit leaving the Blitzer with no TZs imposed on the catch. Silontol walked to the ball but the wet weather did him in despite the reroll and the game ended with a splash.

Final Result TD 2-1 Cas 4-4
- Carbrawn
Oct. 20th, 2015
They fouled their worries away
The Khemri Crows hired a Bloodweiser Babe and Sinnedbad for this game as well as putting down a deposit on a referee.

Surprisingly, the first player from the field was a skeleton who was injured by Um T but it didn’t really help. On turn 3 Galumph was BH by a foul by the dirty player Brendan who got a wink from the Referee. By their start of their turn 4, there were only 6 Skaven left, two Storm Vermin, two Throwers, a Gutter Runner and an unskilled Linerat. On turn 5 the Thrower X-ome Man was KO’d but the struggle continued with the Skaven marking the ball carrier and forcing the Crows to use blocks and blitzes every turn to move downfield bit by bit. Eventually on their own turn 8, with Fluffy holding the ball but marked by a Storm Vermin and the Foul Appearance, Prehensile Tail Gutter Runner Ifflewh, an eclipse occurred. Fluffy handed the ball to a suddenly more agile Tomb Guardian Skeletor is Angry who walked over the line.
Luckily, the eclipse left only 4 skeletons and 7 goblins to defend against several Gutter Runners which made the 1 Turn TD equaliser possible. Unluckily, the Crows got Perfect Defence and took the chance away.

The Mome Raths managed to get the ball from the kick but their numbers were quickly dropped once again after Brendan fouled the ST4 Urbleb off the field and didn’t get spotted. With the LOS broken, a blitz against Mimsy resulted in a KO preceeded by a dump-off which wasn’t caught by the waiting Chortle. A moment of sunshine came when a Block resulted in the death of Fluffy (the most skilled player on the team) but he regenerated and not having much choice, there was a very quick handoff and pass for the Mome Raths TD to bring the score level with the Khemri having 5 turns to get the win against a depleted Skaven team.
The kick-off gave the Crows another reroll but it didn’t stop the serious failed foul which even the ref couldn’t ignore and Brenden was finally off the field. A slow grind downfield, crushing skaven all the way ended on T15 with 5 skaven remaining and Fluffy only a few steps from the EZ.
Ubj Ubj stood up, dodged into a TZ, dodged into 2 TZ, dodged into 1 TD and then into the open where two GFI’s gave him the blitz that put Fluffy and the ball on the ground. The Skaven game changing magic had worked so far and with a pass to Um T, a 2+ dodge and handoff to the unmarked Gutter Runner Imbleg, the game could be won. Chortle raised his head from the ground, made 3 dodges (around Tackle skeletons) and a GFI to get to the ball only to see the pass snatched out of the air by the nearby skeleton Andy who walked over the line to give himself and skill and the game to Khemri Crows.

Final Result TD 1-2 Cas 3-3
Two Casualties (the Rat Ogre and ST4 Gutter Runner) as well as numerous KO’s and stuns from fouling definitely made Brendan the Dirty Player Skeleton the game winner here. On his own he gave the Khemri Crows the numerical advantage they needed and removed the only ST players on the Mome Raths roster.
- Carbrawn
Feb. 17th, 2015
A game was played
There wasn’t much to this one, the teams took turns scoring and the game ended.
The only memorable moments was the Mome Raths Wizard fizzling a Lightning Bolt to stop the first TD. The ball carrier was alone, the Mome Raths had a nearby unmarked Gutter Runner and an AG4 Blitzer at the LOS.
Still, the Mome Raths performed well holding out the Necromantic team until T16 in the second half with 5 players in the Cas bin and 2 KO’s. When the Grim Reaper Guards scored there was a stunned Blitzer, a stunned linerat and a Prone Rat Ogre left on the field.

Final Result TD 2-2 Cas 1-6 Deaths 0-1
- Carbrawn
Jan. 22nd, 2015
Too high a price for Victory
The Mome Raths had the crowd advantage for this game and when they won the toss as well things looked good. At least they could score once while they had players on the field.
With the dwarves poised to punish any mistake Urbleb quickly crossed the line on turn 2 for a skill making TD.
The Dreadnaughts were annoyed when the skaven defensive lineup was rearranged while the ball was still in the air. Getting a quick completion from Bárin to Frerin the ball was handed back to Barin to move upfield and the Deathroller Azaghâl rolled over the LOS to rev its engine in front of the Rat Ogre Galumph. Galumph didn’t like the noise and with two friends threw an even block to knock the machine over, crushing the boiler and sending it into the repair shop for a week. To add salt to the wound Frerin failed to take a simple handoff after moving into a defensive cage. This was a critical mistake, two blocks later the wall was open and Ifflewh ran through to pick up the ball in the double Dwarf Runner TZ, dodged away and ran downfield. He was blitzed by the Troll Slayer Dain but was only shoved around a bit, leaving him ample space to dodge again and cross for the TD.
Another bad kickoff result for the Dwarves saw Galumph blitzing a hole in the LOS, allowing Ifflewh to get under the ball with three of his team mates nearby. It wasn’t enough, he was smashed to the ground, the ball was grabbed by Barin and passed to Frerin who ran down towards the EZ with his team mates blocking paths to reach him. Out of the clear sky a bolt of lightning put him down and skaven sandwiched the only other dwarf nearby. Short bearded assists trundled downfield, the markers went down and Thorin grabbed the ball to try for the turn 8 TD. A dodging blitz had him on the ground and Ubj Ubj with the ball. There was no one able to reach the EZ before the half ended.

A pitch invasion had 3 dwarves and 2 skaven stunned. With the closest Runner face down the Dreadnaughts hadn’t even gathered the ball when the Blocker Narvi BH a Gutter and tried to GFI to mark another but fell on his face and the race was on again. Galumph made a hole for Ifflewh to run through, Glart marked up the nearby Runner and X-ome Man walked up and passed to Ifflewh. Dain blitzed with 2 GFIs and put the hapless Gutter Runner down despite his hideous visage, Barin dodged away from Glart, passed to Frerin who handed off to the Blitzer Thráin who ran down field. A brave linerat dodge gave Um T the assist to put Thrain on the ground and Chortle tried to leap away to get to the ball but face planted. It turned into a scramble until Ubj Ubj dodged out and passed to Ifflewh who just needed to dodge past a Runner to be uncatchable, he didn’t make it. Frerin picked up the ball and strolled downfield with friends around him while another group of dwarves bashed Galumph to the ground and then fouled him for a stun that saw the Dwarven Blocker Ori sent off. The Mome Raths could do nothing and the following turn Frerin managed to score with a reroll on the GFI.
The score was 2-1, the clock was running out and the Mome Raths were down players so went for the 1T TD to secure the game. Ubj Ubj passed to X-ome who handed off to Chortle (using a reroll), Chortle leaped over the line and failed the 2+ dodge to run in the TD suffering a smashed knee and ruining his career as a game saver (though this was better than the second diagnosis where the incompetent apothecary declared him dead and obviously only walking around because he was now a zombie). The Dreadnaughts still had a chance to equalise with both Runners able to reach the EZ in the two turns remaining. The first action was Thorin trying to hit Ifflewh, he was put off by the disgusting ooze dripping at the time but he closed his eyes and tried again, wildly swinging and punching himself in the head, destroying the chance of a draw. Glart burst past the prone Blitzer KO’ing a Troll Slayer, Um T blocked Narvi and stunned him, Ifflew bolted downfield and took a pass from X-ome. With no way to hit the ball carrier Barin marked him up while his team mates bashed Galumph to the ground and fouled him again. Ifflew ignored everything, dodged away and scored for the TD.

Final result TD 3-1 Cas 2-5 and for the first time this season the Mome Raths weren’t 0-2 on Fatalities
In retrospect The Mome Raths would have been better off massing in the backfield protecting the ball and Chortle for 2 turns. The low MA dwarves wouldn’t have had enough players able to get downfield, break a cage and score. The loss of the easy 1T TD will cost the Mome Raths dearly in the future.
- Carbrawn
Jan. 12th, 2015
When two (and twenty) rats go to war!
Two Skaven teams took to the field, neither with inducements, neither with reserves, both capable of 1 turn TDs and both with Rat Ogres skilled with Claw and Block.

The Oddrugs received the first kick but didn’t score immediately, their widezone was opened up when Galumph BH their Thrower Hippity Hopper 2 but they protected well and then retaliated. On Turn 3 Mattdril killed the Mome Raths Super Star Thrower Mimsy who was resuscitated but is still MNG and then Joey KO’d Galumph before the TD.
The crowed loved seeing matching player hurt in the first drive and invaded the pitch but the Mome Raths crowd numbers made a difference with four Oddrugs stunned from 10 and none of the nine Mome Raths scratched. With their opponents down numbers the ball was given to a linerat to try and give him a skill. Dar III ran across the field to blitz but only pushed Loohcal next to the sideline then a Fanatic was launched from the crowd and spun back and forth past Loohcal again and again, after 5 attempts the psycho hadn’t hit anyone but was now next to Dar III and blocking the path to the EZ. A blitz and a block had Dar out of the way and the lack of TZ on the Fanatic let Loohcal score.
A rock was thrown at the next kick and Loohcal was KO’d. Being down to 8 players didn’t matter as the Oddrugs took the 1 turn TD.
The crowd was furious that the Oddrugs didn’t take the time to hurt anyone and invaded the pitch again, this time stunning five Oddrugs from ten and again none of the eight Mome Raths. Urbleb ran through the prone rats to grab the ball and wait to score but the recovery was quick and he was surrounded and wrestled to the ground with the ball in the open. Out of nowhere a trampoline trap opened under Chortle but it was just a short hop backwards for him and he was still able to run downfield, grab the ball and cross the line.
With one turn left the Oddrugs went for the TD but failed the final dodge.

Things went bad for the Mome Raths. After failing a pickup and then failing the catch for a TD the ball ended up in the hands of Hippity Hopper 2. Ifflewh pulled out a Stolen Playbook to work out what was going to happen next and was reading instead of shadowing Hippity Hopper who walked downfield and passed to Ena III for the TD.
Then things went wild! The rest of the half was a blur of extra rerolls, turnovers and TDs, broken up only with the mounting injuries for the Mome Raths. Finally the game ended and the teams took stock. 7 completions and a league record of 7 TD each, the Didditon Oddrugs remain at full strength but the Mome Raths have their top Thrower missing, the extra ST linerat no longer with extra ST and their hopeful journeyman dead.

Final Result TD 7-7 Cas 1-5
The next match will include induced Apothecaries
- Carbrawn
Dec. 3rd, 2014
1 little, 2 little, 3 little Skaven
The Mome Raths luckily won the toss and after a quick Rat Ogre blitz to try and get rid of Grim Ironjaw (it failed), they ran in a TD. That was the last turn with 11 Skaven on the field.
Crimson Breweries started with a Linerat KO and after ganging up on Urbleb to get him on the ground, the Deathroller fouled him for a KO. The next turn they BH another linerat and at the end of turn 4 there were only 5 Skaven on the field with even the Rat Ogre Galumph in the KO bin where he stayed for the rest of the match. With a few more casualties and KO’s from Death Roller fouls the Mome Raths were cleared from the pitch on T7 and Talidar Ironforger crossed for an end of half TD.

The Mome Raths made 2 successful KO rolls from 4 and setup to kick with four Skaven, two Gutter Runners Chortle, Urbleb, the Thrower Mimsy and the unskilled linerat Aycall.
The Breweries converted their journeyman to a Bombadier with Exploding Runes and the ST4 Dwarf Runner Urdrirr Silverheart developed a bad case of Butter Fingers preventing him from picking up the ball for the drive.
The first action of the second half resulted in Aycall being KO’d and the skaven were down to 3 again. It didn’t slow them down, Urbleb jumped to his feet, made several dodges and two GFI’s to blitz the ball carrier, putting him down and the ball open. Chortle bolted from his cowering spot near the EZ, grabbed the ball and ran over the LOS to give Short Pass towards the EZ to slow the TD but fumbled it. He was put down but after the dwarves surrounded the ball, Hirkas Copperhand also failed the pickup and after a few bounces the ball was out and in only 1 TZ. This was it, Urbleb could get to the ball and run far enough that the Crimson Breweries would have needed a -2D Blitz to stop the TD, the made his dodges through TZs, but despite using a team Reroll he couldn’t pick it up. He was blitzed by a mob and KO’d leaving only 2 skaven on the field and the Dwarves managed the TD.
The Mome Raths made 2 successful KO rolls from 4 and setup with the same four Skaven but receiving the ball. The ball was right behind the LOS when it was cloned by a random spell and the risks increased drastically. Rather than defending one ball the Mome Raths went for broke, Aycall put down a Blocker to make a gap, Ubleb blitzed the hole wider, then stepped back to grab a ball and ran downfield. Chortle took a pass from Mimsy and ran through for the 1T TD but tripped into the EZ after using Sure Feet on the first GFI. Hirkas Copperhand ran back and grabbed Chortle’s ball and passed it back downfield to start the run while the other dwarves surrounded Urbleb. Urbleb made several dodges through TZ and got across the line only to have his ball vanish as the illusion it was and he was unable to stop the TD or Aycall from being BH.
The Mome Raths made 0 successful KO rolls from 3 and setup to receive with two Gutter Runners and a Thrower. With everyone on the LOS they were unable to use kick-off return or respond to the high kick so Urbleb blitzed a gap and ran deep and Chortle followed him while Mimsey dodged away to get near the ball. Unsucessful blitzes left the two Gutter Runners standing and Mimsey made a Long Bomb into the hands of Chortle who crossed the line after Urbleb KO’d Hirkas, the first time for the match that armour was beaten on a Dwarf.
The Mome Raths made 0 successful KO rolls from 3 and setup to kick with two Gutter Runners and a Thrower. It went about as well as you would expect, Chortle was KO’d, Urbleb was put down and after being pushed a few times Mimsey was blitzed to the ground. Then Talidar picked up the ball to try for his skill making completion but fumbled with a reroll.
Urbleb thought he’d give it a go so Mimsey stood up and dodged into a TZ and then out again to wait for a pass but the 2nd dodge failed and the game ended.

Final Result TD 2-3 Cas 0-7 Deaths 0-2
Starting the second half with only 4 players, nearly scoring against the kick with only 3 and then getting a TD with 3 on the next drive, I ponder if the result would have been different with more than 4 successful KO rolls out of 14 attempts.
- Carbrawn
Nov. 24th, 2014
Unlikely ending
The Mome Raths set up for a fast TD but the Rat Ogre blitz to clear the path was a double skull and the mobile werewolves were all over them. It took a lot of manoeuvring but Chortle managed to keep the ball and get over the line for one of the teams slowest TDs on turn 4 with only 3 KO’s and a dead linerat.
Two KO recoveries and the full strength rats defended well but couldn’t stop the TD or the next death although Ubj Ubj was saved by the apothecary to only miss the next game.

With the game drawn, Hell’s Cout ground the next TD out for the full 8 turns leaving only 5 opponents on the field.
One turn to go and only 6 players, the Mome Raths played the special play which allowed them a second pass action just in case the kick went bad. Mimsy used Kick-off return to get under the ball but even his extra arms didn’t help him catch it. He used Pass to manage the 2+ throw to get it to Gimble who needed his Catch skill for the 2+ receive. Gimble ran across field to hand off to Chortle who actually managed to take ball successfully and bolted downfield to the full line deep defence, instead of trying to dodge through, he leaped over and away from the Tackle players using the Team Reroll to land and Sure Feet to keep his footing before using his Dodge Skill to get away for the TD.

Six actions were failed on the first roll in one turn (including the kick), Four skill Rerolls used on 2+ rolls and the Team Reroll used for a 3+ made a nailbiting ending for the draw.

Final Result TD 2-2 Cas 1-4 Deaths 0-2
- Carbrawn
Nov. 15th, 2013
One sided kicks
There really was a bias in this game, 10 kickoff rolls and 9 of them went in favour of the Mome Raths. 

Turn numbers are based on the receiving team

Start of Game - Throw a Rock (Oddrugs linerat KO’d) – Mome Raths score against the kick T2

Turn 3 - Perfect Defence – Mome Raths score against the kick T7

Turn 8 - Blitz – Oddrugs were set up for 1T TD, Mome Raths score against the kick T8

---New Half---

Turn 9 - Quick Snap – Mome Raths 1 T TD

Turn 9 - Blitz – Mome Raths 3rd consecutive turns and a T10  TD

Turn 10 - Blitz - Mome Raths TD T11 - Mome Raths had 6 out of the last 8 team turns and 4 TDs in 4 official turns  (MR T8 TD, MR T9 TD, MR Blitz, DO T9, MR T10 TD, MR Blitz, DO T10, MR T11 TD)

Turn 11 - Cheering Fans - Mome Raths got a reroll Oddrugs TD T12

Turn 13 - Brilliant Coaching - Mome Raths got a reroll Mome Raths TD T14

Turn 14 - Throw a Rock – Oddrugs Rat Ogre stunned.  Oddrugs TD T15

Turn 16 - Riot – clock goes backwards – Mome Raths 1T TD T15

Turn 15 - Cheering Fans – Mome Raths got a reroll Oddrugs TD T16
The Mome Raths had 3 players in the KO bin (including the Rat Ogre) before they had their first turn, by the time the Raths were up 2-0 the Didditon Oddrugs had 2 BH and a KO’d Rat Ogre who failed to recover for the next 5 kickoffs. 

The Didditon Oddrugs didn’t just have bad luck on the kicks, their first 4 rolls to pick up the ball were 1s, the last being rerolled to a 6 but was followed by a 1 for the handoff for a TD.  When the Mome Raths also failed the pickup the Didditon Oddrugs Wizard got a 1 to put down the only Mome Rath marking the ball.  The ball handling remained sporadic with a 2+ catch for a runaway TD in the 2nd half also hitting the ground and giving the Mome Raths another TD.   It wasn’t until T12 that the Oddrugs got their first SPP for the match with a TD, this obviously inspired the team as the Rat Ogre immediately returned from the KO bin and they managed a solid 3 TD, 2 Casualty, 2 Completion game in just their last 5 turns.
Final Result Mome Raths TD 7-3 Cas 5-2
- Carbrawn
Nov. 8th, 2013
Two Blitz kicks aren't enough
The infernal comedy won the toss and chose to receive, the first action saw a Linerat KO’d but piling on turned it into the first casualty which was quickly followed by a KO and two stuns and the Mome Raths were down to 7 active players against 11. Not to be put off, the mobile rodents scrambled around the LOS, wrestling the AG5 Dark Elf Dante II to the ground and KOing Boniface VIII with a foul, only just missing the casualty. The infernal comedy were unable to recover the ball and the Skaven were on the board 1-0 against the kick.
Kicking off again the Mome Raths were pummelled some more with another few casualties and 5 KO’s before the Chaos Pact team walked over the line on T8 with 3 Skaven on the field.
With only 1 Turn left, Chortle walked on the field to try and put the team back in the lead and a Blitz was rolled. Luckily no one could hit him but the defensive team rearranged to form columns in front of him which would have forced 3-4 dodges into 2 then 3 or 4 TZ against Tackle and/or Prehensile Tail. The team reroll was used on a blitz from Ubj Ubj to push a critical player out of the way and allow Chortle to attempt the TD run diagonally across the field (with only a 3+ and 2+ dodge) and the first dodge failed thanks to the Tackle skill on the renegade skaven Leggy Deeptackle and Chortle was KO’d.

Receiving again for the 2nd half, the Mome Raths set up for a chain push 1T TD to hope for a draw and once again the infernal comedy rolled a Blitz. The free turn moved the entire defensive lineup to the LOS or beyond and left Gimble in a position to escape and be home free for a TD with no one even able to mark him up, unfortunately his AG4, Catch and Extra Arms weren’t enough to let him take a Hand-off and the ball hit the ground where it was shortly after grabbed by Dante II. What followed was a chaotic mess with Skaven dodging and blitzing every turn into the mob containing every player on the field. Dante II remained in the middle, unable to escape but retaining the ball while the rodents were slowly but surely blocked, blitzed and bloodied off the field while they attempted fouls whenever they could, actually managing a few lucky KO’s. Eventually time and Skaven started to run out so Dante moved downfield with only 4 opponents left. Two Gutter Runners dodged & GFI’d their way to mark him and his protecting Minotaur Marine and Galumph the Rat Ogre followed with GFI’s to cause the only comedy casualty with Marine BH and the Dark Elf marked with a Blodging Side Stepper and a Rat Ogre with Guard and Prehensile Tail. The infernal comedy panicked and everyone ran down to help, leaving the sole other skaven Loohcal prone on the other side of the LOS. Dante blitzed Gimble and moved into a position that Galumph would need to dodge into a TZ to hit him or stay where he was and get hit by any of the other 4 Pact players next to him. He had forgotten that rats have the largest (by proportion) testicles in the animal world. Gimble stood up, dodged into Dante’s TZ to do a neg 2D blitz and pushed him next to Galumph, providing the necessary assist to give Galumph the 2D to push away from the other opponents and then Both Down the ball carrier, the Wrestle may have saved Dante from damage but the ball was still on the ground. The unmarked Loohcal stood up and moved to within scoring range, the remaining Gutter Runner Ifflewh dodged onto the ball and ran downfield to GFI and pass to Loohcal. With no way of hitting the ball carrier and only able to mark him with 2 GFI’s the infernal comedy blitzed Ifflewh and when he was only KO’d, piled on for a final casualty before marking up the hopeful linerat. With no rerolls, Loohcal made the dodge and walked over the line to put the Mome Raths in the lead with only 1 turn left.
The infernal comedy had bad luck with their KO’s and Leggy Deeptackle did not return, removing their 1T TD chance. They bashed the 3 (of only 6 remaining) Skaven they could reach and got a completion to finish the game.

Final Result Mome Raths TD 2-1 Cas 1-6 and two Linerats dead.
- Carbrawn
May 8th, 2013
Adding injury to injury
The Mome Raths suffered an impressive 52 Casualties in the Spike Trophy season which is pretty hard on any team. To cap it off though, probability took a vacation to the tropics and the last two games were not only above average casualties but instead of the normal 3:2:1 proportion there was only 2 Badly Hurt to 5 Serious Injury and 5 Deaths. The SF game against Grim Reaper Guards had none of the 6 rolls being less than MNG.

With a Linerat dead, 2 other Linerats, a Thrower and the Rat Ogre missing the next game they are glad of the off season to bring their team back to active duty.
- Carbrawn
Apr. 22nd, 2013
Hope for survival dashed
With a guaranteed spot in the finals, the Mome Raths went into their last game with the intention of scoring when possible but protecting their key players as a primary concern.
Losing the toss and with 4 skaven KO'd by turn 3 they took a now or never TD shot against the kick before they ran out of players. A lightning bolt put Dante II down and out for the rest of the match and the rookie Thrower X-ome Man dodged out to pick up the ball and do 2 GFI's for a TD, instantly equalling the combined SPP of the previous 3 Throwers to hold that position.

None of the KO's returned and it was not at all surprising when the Chaos Pact team crossed the line. What WAS surprising was the 2nd unanswered casualty when Tumtum put Nixon II also out for the match.
The Mome Raths set up for a Sidestepping 1T TD with their MA10 Chortle in backfield to retrieve the ball and make the pass. It was a pity they did so as a Quick Snap and Touchback meant they wouldn't have needed the block that they double skulled.

Several rodents came back on the field to receive for the second half and with defence in a heavy forward position they were confident of a TD with 3 Gutter Runners set to run down one side of the field and out of reach of all but 2 opponents. The infernal comedy got a Blitz and Cain caught the kick with Diving Catch. Cain was blitzed by Tumtum who crippled the Marauder with reduced ST but not before a Dump-Off got the ball to the MA7 ST4 Skaven Renegade Leggy Deeptackle who caught it in 2 TZ. Leggy was himself put to the ground and suddenly the game was open, Chortle just had to grab the ball for a pass to the waiting Ifflew H who could walk in a TD..... he double 1'd the pickup then watched as Boniface VIII (furious at the Rat for starting the casualties) killed Tumtum (he walked back into the dugout with an induced apothecary fix). More and more Skaven left the field until it was 4 Gutter Runners facing the fury of 10 Chaos Pact players. After the rookie Minotaur killed Burble (who came out with another niggle after apothecary action) and the other 3 Gutter Runners all prone (and unlikely to stand up) the infernal comedy scored in the hope of bringing back more people to hit.
The Mome Raths set up for a quick TD, once again Chortle was being protected in backfield and once again a Quick Snap would have given him a GFI 1T TD. The TD still happened, but so did the carnage with Tumtum causing a 2nd & 3rd casualty and the infernal comedy causing more.
2 turns to score for the win, the infernal comedy ran players down to receive, the Mome Raths decided to chance a blitz to put one of them down instead of running all their players as far away as possible. The Block didn't come off and Tumtum was left open to a T16 hit from Boniface. Boniface was on 2 Cas to Tumtum's 3, so when the Storm Vermin was unharmed, the Marauder Piled On and crushed his skull for the second time that game. With that important action out of the way it was time to score, the ball carrier ran downfield with 2 GFI's to hand-off and avoid the intercept attempt but Leggy was distracted by the cleaners swabbing Tumtum off the field and failed to catch the ball ending the game 2-2.

Final Result TD 2-2 Cas 4-6
4 of the 6 casualties suffered were Deaths and only two of them were saved. With their Kicker linerat and the Block/Tackle/Claw/MB Storm Vermin both dead and the AG5 Pass Blocker Burble out injured for the Semi Final, the Mome Raths are slightly less confident. Replacement players have been hired but it is hoped that inducements will see them through against whichever Necromantic team they face.
- Carbrawn
June 29th, 2012
How best to describe the game...BOLLOCKS
Rather than the normal description I'll outline it like this.
T1 2nd action Triple Skull fail Loner
T2 1,1 Dodge to get into range of TD. MA10 Gutter Runner BH
T3 Burble GFI+Dodge 2TZ, picks up ball 2TZ, GFI+Dodge 1 TZ, Pass to Whiffle. YAY! Finished a turn
HP T3 Wizard hits ball carrier in range of EZ, Alran Dribble runs to cover ball, goblins run back to help.
T4 Fail 2+ pickup (last reroll gone)
T5 1st action Double Skull Blitz (against Tackle player marking ball 5sq from EZ, 2 GR in range)
HP T5 available UW players run back to cover ball, last player to move attempts pickup but fumbles.
T6 Rat Ogre BH Troll (regen), only 5 Underworld players left. Fail 3+ pickup (which would have needed a 2+ dodge with dodge skill for TD)
T7 Fail 2+ pickup for TD
T8 Fail 3+ dodge for TD (after catching a bouncing ball and 2D block failed to put down marker)
HP T8 Linerat Dodge, pickup ball, pass to Gabearino for Blitz TD fumbled (Burble failed intercept)
Cas 5-1 (all BH) in my favour but score 0-0.

Second Half
HP T1 Troll kills LOS Linerat
T1 Double Skull reroll Double Skull
T2 YAY! Finished a turn
HP T2 - 1,1 GFI to close cage
T3 Fail Dauntless roll to blitz ball carrier, Skull & stunned
HP T3 Touchdown
Receiving Kick - Blitz (Storm Vermin down, UW Skaven next to ball)
T4 YAY! Finished a turn and I have possession
HP T5 2nd action ChinAmy fails GFI to mark up Rat Ogre and suffers smashed collar bone.
T5 Double Skull
T6 Double Skull
T7 1,1 Catch for Gimble 5 squares from EZ. Followed by 1 roll for Wizard to hit the only unmarked Pranksters player
HP T8 Lightning resistant Thrower Double POW blitz on Blodge/Sidestep Gutter Runner, pick up ball. 4 UW players dodge to form cage.
T8 Double push on goblin to open cage, push on 1D blitz of ball carrier, Double skull in backfield for end of game block.

At end of game Pranksters have 7 on field, 3 in KO (including Troll), Raths have 10 on field, 1 in reserves.
7 Turnovers in 1st half
6 turnovers in 2nd half (though the last one wasn't really relevant)
1 Triple Skull, 6 Double Skulls (including reroll)
9 failed 2+ rolls (not including ones that succeeded on reroll), 2 failed 3+ rolls.

Oh well, at least we don't have to play FUBAR Fellows in the GF :)
- Carbrawn
Apr. 17th, 2012
Who's half is it anyway?
What a game! The first half was dominated by critical fails by the Paris Catacomb Runners and the second half by the same from the Mome Raths.

The sun was shining brightly in the sky for the start of the match which didn't do wonders for the passing game.
From the kick the Necro team gathered the ball and formed a wall in the widezone but two pushes left enough of a gap for Whiffle to blitz through, take down Mr HYDE allowing Chortle to bolted through to grab the ball and get into position for a TD. The Necro response was quick but the GFI for the blitz failed and Chortle walked over the line.
The next kickoff had a failed rerolled block on the LOS ending the PCR turn prematurely without grabbing the ball. A blitz opened a gap and Gutter Runners bolted through to mark up the ball and the nearest ghoul ElfEater. Elfeater dodged away, picked up the ball and dodged again to make a pass which would have seen the ball run & handed off to be deep into the Mome Raths territory, unfortunately they had forgotten Burble who used his Pass Block to get in the way and take the interception before fumbling the TD. Luckily Elfeater also failed to pick up the ball so Burble tried again and Chortle was in for another TD.
The blinding sun changed to sweltering heat but this kickoff one seemed to be going better for the necromantic Parisians, the ball was gathered and protected, two Mome Raths were KO'd and a werewolf was in scoring range. The skaven ran from everywhere, covering players left and right but Galumph wasn't interested in blitzing the potential scorer and instead stood in the middle of the field screaming obscenities, Whiffle dodged through a gap for a blitz, put down the ball carrying Elfeater and then tripped on his own feet trying to mark up the ball and KO'd himself. This was it, PCR just had to move the markers out of the way, hand off to the werewolf and they were in! A single GFI to gain the 2D block failed despite the reroll and the Mome Raths pounced. Chortle ran around the LOS to wait for a pass, Galumph blitzed Mr Hyde to the ground, Burble ran through the pack, picked up the ball and moved into scoring range, he was quickly surrounded but even a 3D blitz failed to put him down so he dodged out and ran across field to pass to Chortle who scored again to put the Mome Raths up 3-0 and about to receive the ball.

The Mome Raths lost two players to the heat and then Galumph to a thrown rock on the kick, with Tumtum out BH and the ball just behind the LOS there wasn't enough protection to stop the fast moving werewolves from running through to put down Manxome and grab the ball. A failed first action Block ended the Mome Raths turn and suddenly PCR was back in the game with a T2 TD.
No PCR collapsed from the heat but the Raths lost 2 again. This time a kickback put the ball right in the hands of Manxome in backfield, unfortunately Galumph's attempt to blitz a Flesh Golem off the field ended in double skulls and again the Mome Raths were in trouble. When the front line started crumbling there was nowhere to go but back so Manxome stood near the EZ hoping for a short pass & GR hand-off the next turn, a failed Mome Rath block opened the gate and he was soon alone and facing a Ghoul, a Wight and a Werewolf. With the failure of a GR dodge which would have allowed a blitz to clear a gap he just closed his eyes so he didn't have to see the slavering werewolf smash him to the ground or Elfeater pick up the ball and score.
The weather cleared but it was too late for the Mome Raths who lost Whiffle and a linerat to the heat leaving them with only 8 players against 10. The ball went to a widezone with Manxome only just able to reach it. Galumph finally managed to push a Flesh Golem off the sideline but poor positioning left PCR needing 2+ dodges to get Elfeater and Mr Hynde through to blitz the ball carrier to the ground though once again a failed GFI meant they didn't pick up the ball. Brain Freeze….instead of immediately gathering the ball and passing to Chortle to take it downfield to safety, the Mome Raths tried to block Galumph free to take out the defenders, it failed, Elfeater grabbed the ball and handed to Mr Hyde who ran free and GFI'd to remove all but 1 blitz option. Without Dauntless and Strip ball the Mome Raths needed Chortle to dodge and GFI down field to provide an assist for Burble to blitz. The first dodge used the skill RR, the second dodge was another 1 and Mr Hyde walked over the line to take the game to a draw.

Final Results TD 3-3 Cas 3-1 At least it wasn't a loss
- Carbrawn
Apr. 11th, 2012
Will this be the end of their dreams?
13 games without a loss, chasing a record of 16, can the Paris Catacomb Runners break the Mome Raths streak?

On the face of it the teams are close, both having 12 players, 3 Rerolls, only a 1pt difference in FF and a low $70k gap in value, but then you take a closer look at the roster. The pack of sideline staff virtually guarantees any additional rerolls will go to PCR and after a destructive match againt River Stir Slayers, the Mome Raths have two skilled positionals out injured and three rookie positionals on the roster, putting PCR 1/3 higher in SPP. A strong factor against the Skaven is Manxome, who is once again the starting Thrower, a Thrower who has not managed a single completion in his 7 matches.

Having lost both their Tackle players against the River Stir Slayers in round 3, the Mome Raths will be hard pressed to stop the three Blodgers of the PCR, and with no Sidesteppers able to take field either, the high movement Werewolves will be a constant danger in the widezones. Though the Gutter Runners also face a Tackle-less lineup, it may come down to attrition. Will the Mome Raths get the opportunity to use their Speed and Agility Advantage to gain an early lead before the higher Strength and Armour (with the added benefit of regeneration) held by their opponents takes its toll?
- Carbrawn
Mar. 13th, 2012
To PCR goes the spoils
OK, after facing Chaos and Orc juggernauts and coming out well (with only 3 Linerats injured from Chaos and 1 from the Orcs) they were not facing a Human team with trepidation…they should have been.
Choosing to kick off instead of receive, the Mome Raths took possession with the interception of a TD pass and Gimble scored on T4. A Slayer Blitzer was injured along the way, reducing the human team to no reserves.
The next kick went the same way, the Skaven were up 2-0 with Gimble over the line again and the humans were now down to 10 players with 2 Skaven KO'd but still 11 on the field.
A riot left another turn on the clock, the Skaven got the ball again and Whiffle was not far from the EZ when a lightning bolt put him down. He shook it off, stood up and dodged away to pick up the ball and run over the line anyway. The rest of the drive didn't go as smoothly, there were now 4 KO's and a linerat death with Brillig bashed to the ground by Lance Boyles who believed no one that ugly should be alive.
The Slayers were determined not to lose the ball again and rushed to gather it and protect for a T8 TD but the desperation let to a counting error and their planned receiver wasn't close enough to get over the line. They passed anyway to get the ball away from their own end and stop the score from turning really ugly. It was close, with a dodge from Gyre to mark up a defender, Whiffle made several TZ dodges to get downfield and strip the ball, Mimsy stood up and ran in to grab it and pass to the linerat Fishuf who caught it while standing next to Zara, then dodged away and GFI'd to hand-off to Burble who was in range of the EZ, the 2+ catch failed and the ball hit the ground.
The half ended with the Skaven up 3-0, but they lost 2 players to the sweltering heat while the River Stir Slayers only lost 1 leaving them the rats outnumbered.

Now the Mome Raths were receiving but after a single KO recovery they only had 8 players to set up against 9 Humans. A Blitz kick gave the Slayers a chance to score but they were pushed away from the ball and Burble got over the line fast to take the score to 4-0 but the injuries were mounting, 2 more casualties including Jubjub who even the team apothecary just shrugged at and said "He's dead, what do you want me to do?". None of the Slayers succumbed to the heat but 2 more Skaven did and only 1 recovered from KO.
There was a weather change so the Skaven could stop sweating in their pelts but they were still kicking off and had only 7 players against the Slayers 10. They Mome Raths refused to give up and with some serious scrambling and a successful Negative 2D Blitz, they got over the line to take the score to 5-0 with Cas now 3-5.
A weak and widely spread 6 players set up for the final kick, still facing 10 Human opponents but at least they couldn't score...until another riot set the clock back again. The Slayers now had 2 turns to get over the line, the ball was grabbed and passed down for a Blitzer run downfield, he was left unprotected when a failed block prevented the others from chasing him and providing cover. The smart thing for the Mome Raths to do would have been a free Dauntless & Strip Ball blitz followed by Gyre running through his markers to apply his Shadowing skill if the strip didn't work. Instead, Gyre tried his move first, failed his second dodge and hit the ground, smashing his Collar Bone. With no one to stop him, Lance Boyles walked over the line as the first action of the turn and the last of the game.

Final Result TD 5-1 Cas 3-6
A new Storm Vermin has replaced the Block/Tackle/Claw/MB skillset of JubJub, the skilled Thrower Mimsy is down with a smashed ankle permanently reducing his movement, Gutter Runner Gyre is out and likely to not return with only ST1 and his fellow speedster Gimble is also missing the next game. With deaths and injuries the team value dropped by $670k, off-set by the return of a linerat and the rookie Storm Vermin.

The River Stir Slayers picked up an extra $50k in bounty from killing JubJub.
- Carbrawn
Mar. 8th, 2012
Brutalised Orcs
Ouch! Even given the fact that Fweddy the Troll was out injured, this did not go as expected, the orcs couldn't put in enough force to hurt their opponents while their own armour seemed very badly maintained.

Ugroth Bolgrot ran rampant with the chainsaw, slashing through armour from T1 but only achieving stuns each time. While he was putting their team mates down the scrambling rats put pressure on the ball and Badly Hurt Frower just after he handed off to Scrappa Sorehead who ran down into a cage of pure muscle on the LOS. A Frenzied blitz by Galumph made a gap in the cage and had Scrappa in range of both Prehensile Tail and the Shadowing Gyre with other Mome Raths marking up most of the other Orcs. Bolgrot ran in and Stunned Galumph, 2D blocks put every other rat down or away until it was only Gyre left, Scrappa took him on himself with assists to make it 2D, he double skulled, hit the ground and died, the ball falling from his limp grasp. Quick off the mark the Mome Raths grabbed the ball, passed away to another Gutter Runner who ran over the LOS and downfield, unfortunately not out of range of Bolgrot who's vicious blades once again beat armour and the ball bounced away, but too far for any orc to reach which allowed Whiffle to grab it and run over the line to score.
With their Thrower out injured, Scrappa dead and Bolgrot sent off, the Orcs only had 10 players left and the lack of sure hands cost them when the ball was stripped and gathered by Whiffle. He in turn was knocked down by the previous ball carrier and Fudd grabbed the ball but had nowhere to go. Gyre dodged away from his marker, blitzed the Goblin down with Tackle and Whiffle stood back up, grabbed the grounded ball and ran over the line for his 2nd TD.

In the second half the Mome Raths received and Whiffle scored a quick TD on T2 to make the score 3-0 on both TD and Cas.
Manytooclaw grabbed the ball from the kick but was too far back for support from his slow teammate and he was marked up by Gimble while other Mome Raths waited nearby. Once again the ball carrier hit a Gutter Runner with a 2D block, once again a double skull and once again the player died. With the apothecary already used on restoring a Fractured Skull on a Black Orc, Manytooclaw was gone for good and the unmarked ball was run in by Gimble for the teams 4th TD.
This time there were two players in backfield to receive the ball, possession was lost anyway when Whiffle hit the ball carrier with an assist and put him down, the ball wasn't gathered so Fudd ran in, picked it up and tried to GFI to get a pass off to the LOS and the safety of numbers but he tripped over and BH himself. Whiffle got the ball and moved into position for a T8 TD, with no one in range to Blitz him the Orcs bashed on the LOS and finally managed a casualty of their own with Manymanyclaw hurting Frabjous. Whiffle handed off to Burble in the EZ to take the score to 5-0 and leaving one turn for the Orcs to end the game.
One turn, only 3 players to hit and no rerolls left. The LOS bashing was severe with all 3 Mome Rath players down, 2 stunned and 1 KO'd and in backfield the Black Orc Manymanyonclaw grabbed the ball and passed to a teammate to get a completion and a skill before the hooter sounded.

Final Result TD 5-0 Cas 6-2
The number of Orc 1,1 rolls for GFIs was terrible, the inability to get a Skaven off the field until late 2nd half was ridiculous and the ball handler killing themselves on a 2D block TWICE was ludicrous. While the Mome Raths had good rolls and only failed a few actions, it was the bad rolls of the Brutle Orcs that really killed them this game.
The 5 TD win also continued the results pattern they started last season. The last 6 games margins have been 0,1,2,3,4,5. Things can only go downhill from here.
- Carbrawn
Feb. 15th, 2012
The madness of Chaos!
What a game! Right from the start, the Mome Raths got the advantage with double their opponents FANS and after Undead Eradicator failed to pick up the ball in backfield, they took the lead against the kick as well. Then it happened again with critical ball failures letting the Gutter Runner Gimble run in his 2nd and 3rd TD before the half ended. The running play was not without cost, 2 player injured and several KO’d, none of which returned to the field despite numerous chances from their team mates TDs.

After receiving the kick and failing their attempt at a 1T TD (with the Rat Ogre Galumph KO’ing himself on a Blitz) the speedy Skaven managed to score on T3 with Gyre and got their first KO recovery, 1 from 12 attempts giving them 8 players to set up to kick against a Chaos team who had yet to have a player leave the field.
The Chaos Madness players stormed down field, having the ball stripped twice but regaining possession both times and getting over the line to make the score 4-1 in favour of the Mome Raths but 1-4 on the casualty count and now there were 6 Skaven in the KO bin including Galumph who was BH by a Fireball launched by an induced Wizard.
Now players recovered with 4 of the 6 KO’d players returning to the field. A dangerous run left the ball carrier open for a blitz which put him to the ground and Chaos players everywhere but the brave (or suicidal) Burble stood up, made uncounted dodges into multiple TZs to grab the ball, dodge out again and pass to Gyre who was waiting in the EZ.
2 Turns to score and the ball was passed to Fallen Rod who failed the catch and the ball was on the ground behind a solid wall of Chaos players. Never one to shrink from a challenge, Burble decided to try to get the ball out of reach of a Chaos TD, only needing 5 dodges, 1 GFI and a 2+ Pass! With only one roll above 3+, the Dodge Skill and a Reroll in hand, Burble again got to his feet, dodged out, dodged in and through burning his skills and reroll on the way until he finally tripped over and fell on his face next to the ball. His effort was in vain but the hand off for the TD run was fumbled and the game ended.

Final Result TD 5-1 Cas 1-5
The three LOS Linerats are all out injured for the next game, what are the Mome Raths going to do in round 2 against Brutle Orcs? With the last 5 game margins being 0,1,2,3,4 it can they continue this streak?
- Carbrawn
Dec. 20th, 2011
Up the table, up the margins
The Mome Raths finished the season with serious challenges, their last 4 games were against the 4 teams lower than them in ascending order. The final game of the season was a draw against Hammer of Hashut (who finished in 5h place), then a 1 TD overtime win in the Quarter Final against 4th place Chaos Madness, a 2 TD SF defeat of 3rd place Paris Catacomb Runners before a huge 4-1 victory in the Grand Final against the dreaded Turner Eternals.

Notes from the season:
- The four Gutter Runners earnt 168SPP between them this season going from 1 skill to 13.
- The GF casualty count put Jubjub equal 3rd on the season Cas table when he wasn't even on the table prior to the game.
- After the last 5 games went without a successful pass, Mimsy finished 2nd on the Top Thrower table with 17 completions.
- The only skills on Linerats were from gaining MVPs, only a single Linerat earned SPP from anything else but still only got over 6 from a timely MVP in the SF.
- Carbrawn
Dec. 20th, 2011
Taking Khemri by the ball
After winning the toss and setting up to receive, the Eternals top player Thro-Ra 3 failed the pickup, it bounced onto a skeleton who also failed and the ball was on the sideline in GR reach. Gyre bolted downfield, grabbed the ball, dodged away and GFI'd to make a short pass to Whiffle behind the LOS with 3 team mates around him for protection and the Turner Eternals were suddenly on Defence. Luckily for them they had spent from their ample treasury to hire a Wizard and get some Good Karma for the game, the Wizard put down all four of the unlucky rodents (stunning one) and a trained dog carried the ball back behind their strong front line. The Skaven were furious and Jubjub started his rampage with a casualty on a hapless skelton who did not regenerate while almost the entire field of players crammed around the LOS and started shoving. The ball made very slow progress downfield until a chain push and an unexpected dodge let Thro-Ra 3 get downfield and into scoring range. Only two players could get free to chase him, Tumtum from the opposite wing and Burble from around the LOS. Tumtum had to GFI just to provide an assist for the Wrestle GR to blitz but even the reroll didn't save him and he fell at the feet of the Thro-Ra who walked over the line. When the crowd settled down the teams took stock of the damage, 2 KO'd Mome Raths and 3 casualties for the Khemri including Thro-Ra 1 the 2nd, none of which had regenerated.
The Mome Raths weren't prepared to give up, and with a push and a Blitz, Gyre was in range of a TD, just a dodge and 2 GFIs and the scores were level at the end of the half.

The second half started with 10 Khemri and 11 Skaven and a quick TD took the Mome Raths into the lead and brought both their KO's back.
The Turner Eternals coach was then heard to exclaim 'You'd better not get a Blitz'. It was laughed off as the Mome Raths had not actually received a blitz kickoff for the entire season….until now. The ball was just close enough for two Blodge/Side Step GRs to impose TZs, it was almost inevitable that the score became 3-1 and just to rub salt in the wound, Jubjub managed his 4th casualty of the game (but this one was regenerated).
The next punt was in favour of the Eternals, a High Kick giving a free attempt to catch, it failed but Thro-Ra 3 grabbed it from the ground and ran upfield before fumbling the pass to make the ball safe. Once more the skaven stormed in to turn the LOS into a mob and no one was going to move very far, except for the linerats who finally started to leave the field with the first Skaven casualty after Blitz-Ra 1 BH Brillig on T14 then Blitz-Ra 2 BH Allayc on T15. This final surge of violence was too late, the Mome Raths gained possession and ran off to score again. Finally the game ended with Mummy 3 BH Manxome who was one of the sacrificial lambs waiting to be hit on the T16 LOS.

Final Result TD 4-1 Cas 4-3
- Carbrawn
Dec. 19th, 2011
Who wants the ball anyway
Paris Catacombs Runners had the crowd on their side but not the weather with Sweltering Heat causing problems during the game.
The Mome Raths set up to receive but a Blitz on T1 saw a hole in the line and Mr Jekhill standing under the ball and in range of the EZ as it came down. Luckily for the Mome Raths he failed to catch it and the ball hit the ground where it would be numerous times. The Raths grabbed the ball and tried to get some recievers downfield but a failed Gutter Runner dodge ended the turn. PCR put down the ball carrier but failed the pickup on their turn which allowed the skaven to regain and move it forward again, but not for long as PCR blitzed once more and snatched the ball. They didn't hold it long thanks to Whiffle strip skills and Gimble ran in for a pass to Gyre. Finally on T4 the Mome Raths realised that they had retained possession after an unsuccessful werewolf blitz and Gyre ran over the line.
The frantic pace of the first drive was too much for the necromantic team, both Mr Chose and his wife Mrs CHOSE collapsed along with a zombie and the Star Ghoul ElfEater, leaving them only 9 players to receive against 11 Skaven (who only lost a Storm Vermin & Gutter Runner to the heat). As soon as PCR had gained the ball they saw their only Tackle player Aunt Margot out with a vicious hit from Jubjub which was not regenerated. They retaliated with a swift dauntless hit by Mr HYDE injuring Galumph requiring an apothecary to get him back on his feet. Unfortunately despite removing the Rat Ogre they were unable to make progress with the ball and on the Mome Raths T8 the ball hit the turf again. The rodents saw the slight chance of a TD, only requiring two 2+ dodges, a 3+ pickup, another 2+dodge, 2 GFIs, a 3+ hand-off then a 2+/2+ pass/catch for a TD. The reroll was used on the pickup and the first GFI failed. With no one in range to score anymore, PCR tried some half hearted thumping before the half ended.

The second half saw 11 Necro players on the field but the Skaven failed 2 KO rolls and lost Whiffle and Manxome to the heat putting them down to 10. The kick landed in the corner of the field and Elfeater failed the pickup which gave an opportunity for the fast moving rodents to put pressure on. Before they could even get out of the half the PCR lost Mrs Chose and Mr Hyde to heavy hits. The ball carrier was put down, giving Mimsy a Long Pass attempt to Gyre in the EZ, it wasn't caught. Both Ghouls ran downfield to mark the ball with MummyEater failing the pickup and the ball was on the sideline. Mimsy blitzed Elfeater to no result and then a turnover from a LOS block ended the skaven turn. This was mirrored by the Wight Uncle Bob double skulling a Block before the ball could be touched. Again it was the Mome Raths turn, this time an assist let Mimsy get a 2D block, double skull rerolled to double skull and Elfeater had the ball and ran off. Galumph ran across field to smack the Ghoul to the ground but not even a Gutter Runner could pick up the sweat coated ball. It was T15, PCR had a small chance for the TD, a Leap onto the ball, two dodges and a pass downfield to the waiting werewolf for the TD. The Leap failed but so did the pickup by Gimble so another 3+ Leap was needed for the same actions, it failed again and this time Gimble grabbed the ball and walked over the line to make it 2-0.

The ball spent more time on the ground than in players hands.
- Carbrawn
Dec. 18th, 2011
Bad luck and its benefits
I do not know when I have encountered so many 1 rolls. Wild Animal rolls were failed on numerous occasions for the Minotaur and Rat Ogre and GFIs and dodges saw several players hit the turf.

Both teams failed TDs in the first half due to the dreaded 1, the Mome Raths with a fumbled pass to score against the kick and Chaos Madness (after regaining the ball from said fumble) tripped on the GFI to end the half with a TD for either team.

The second half was more successful but after a backfield lighning bolt put down the Mome Raths thrower it took until T15 for Burble to actually score, leaving Chaos Madness 2 turns to equalise. They grabbed the ball in backfield and got it up to the LOS where the ball carrier ran down with as much support as could reach. A cross field bolt from a GR gave Jubjub a 2D Blitz but even with the Reroll he couldn’t put (2070) down, Tumtum ran in to provide another marker but instead just allowed a chainpush to get Skink Slitter closer to the EZ so a blitz and dodge gave him the TD with only a single GFI and taking the game into overtime. The Mome Raths still had a reroll in hand.

Chaos Madness won the toss and set up with all 4 Warriors in backfield to protect the ball which went deep into the corner. Unfortunately the critical failure reared its head again with the AG4 Fallen Rod failing the pickup and one of his team mates fumbling the bounce to leave the ball on the sideline. It was a scramble of Skaven that came around both sides of the LOS to put the pressure on but they were almost as surprised as Fallen Rod when his second pickup failure resulted in the ball going into the crowd and being thrown straight across the field, almost to the feet of the three Mome Raths who had come around from the opposite widezone. Two linerats and a Blitzer surrounded the ball in case of problems but they were not needed as Gyre cleanly snatched it from the ground and walked over the line to take the team to the Semi Finals.

Once again Manxome has shown complete ineptitude and is still without a single completion.
- Carbrawn
Oct. 17th, 2011
A bit of Slap and Tackle
90% stuns with only a couple of serious hits.

While the crowd wasn't large at this game, it was mostly comprised of Mome Raths fans, more than double that of their opponents.

With the Mome Raths receiving the kick, Gutter Runners ran deep to wait for a pass with the ball up near the LOS, then it all went wrong with Mimsy failing the pickup. A fireball landed right next to the ball, KO'ing the Thrower (who would not return for the rest of the match), stunning a linerat and Galumph. Luckily the Chaos Dwarves didn't have anyone able to actually reach it for the pickup so their marker was pushed out of the way and a returning Gutter Runner had a go. He also failed despite the RR and it was Hammer Time! With Tackle players everywhere the Gutter Runners were out of luck and Mome Raths hit the turf again and again, luckily all the results were stuns. Knowing the speed of their opponents, the ball was secured in a cage to wind down the clock while rats were thumped and shoved around. Several skaven turnovers later, a desperate Gyre stood up and blitzed the Bull Centaur ball carrier after dodging like a maniac, 5+, 4+, 2+ (all against Tackle), negative 2D Block and the ball hit the ground. Gyre stood up, 4+/3+/2+ (the first two against Tackle), pick up the ball (in a TZ), dodge away (against Tackle), GFI, GFI Pass to Burble who ran as far as he could and then scored on T7 before anyone could hit him.
Two turns to score and the ball in deep field, Rashnak Backstabber tried a pass to the LOS so they could try for the T8 TD, it was inaccurate and landed on the sideline. Gyre ran in to pass the ball away to Gimble who, though unable to score, would have made it very hard for a Hobgoblin to get the ball back, once again the ball wasn't picked up and still lay on the sideline. Gharhak Steeltoe killed a linerat on the LOS, Rashnak bolted upfield to stab Gyre but instead just got out his knife and reflected light into the rats eyes. With no choice and no rerolls, a Bull Centaur tried to pick it up in the TZ for a handoff but couldn't manage it and the half ended Mome Raths 1-0 0-1.

The second half started with another Linerat killed on the LOS with the first action of the half by Rashnak and the ball was picked up in backfield by a Hobgoblin. Whiffle & Gyre ran down but were just out of reach so they marked up the Hobgoblin and waited. Rashnak ran back in support and tried to stab but didn't even come close. Gyre dodged away and stripped the ball but it was caught by Rashnak who was then marked up by both rodents. A Bull Centaur came out of nowhere, smacking Whiffle to the ground but leaving the Shadowing Gimble in position. Once again Whiffle blitzed but this time he hit the turf himself, Gimble was KO'd and the ball was on the move, once again in a cage of Strength & Tackle. Now things worked for the Chaos Dwarves with Mome Raths players leaving the field until there were only 5 left. This time it was Whiffle who hit Rashnak (with an assist) and the Star Player was BH and the ball was on the ground but there were no Mome Raths who could get to it so Ghazak ran in, picked it up and hid behind his team mates for a bit before crossing on T16 to level the scores.
2 KO recoveries and the Mome Raths tried for the TD. Quick Snap got the backfielders closer to the ball and only two Blocks were needed, the first put the Chaos Dwarf down on both dice and the game ended in a draw.

The Skaven were plagued by 1 rolls in this match, failing to pickup the ball, failed 2+ dodges and consecutive skull blocks in the same turn (the first rerolled) stopped several attempts at high probability TDs. That said, the number of stun results was incredible and the Mome Raths were happy to get only 3 casualties (2 of which were Linerats with 0SPP who were both killed and immediately replaced at the end of the game).
- Carbrawn
Sep. 23rd, 2011
Could have gone either way
The Mome Raths were worried about this game, no reserves and giving up nearly $400k inducements to a team with an agility advantage. Their last game against an Elven race was a nailbiter where the T16 winning TD Pass was fumbled, allowing a Gutter Runner to make it 3-2 in favour of the Skaven.

The worry appeared justified when the T2 TD pass was inaccurate, they recovered the ball but the next pass was also inaccurate. By the time Whiffle actually scored on T5 they had 2 casualties out for the next game (including the Thrower Manxome in his first game) and the Rat Ogre was KO'd.
Outnumbering the Rats 11-8, the Elves received the ball, injured another Linerat, ran a Catcher through and marked up every player. Only two had a hope of reaching the ball carrier, Gyre got into the TZ with 2 GFIs and Whiffle needed two 2+ dodges to perform the 1D Blitz with Block & Strip Ball, he failed the first dodge and was stunned. Rightdril dodged away from Gyre, easily avoiding the shadowing skill and ran in for the TD.
Galumph still hadn't recovered from his KO so with two turns to score and only 7 players left the Storm Vermin split the LOS Elves and 2 Gutter Runners and a Linerat ran down the middle. The Elves closed up around the threats so no one was free to move and Prince Moranion ran downfield to threaten the ball carrier but tripped on the GFI. It was just an easy dodge and Blitz with Gimble to 1D an unskilled Lineelf out of interception position (and remove the second TZ from the receiver) but once again the 1,1 came up. Prince Moranion just needed to put down the Gutter Runner with Tackle and he could grab the ball on a 2+ and walk over the line, a double push ended his chance of glory and the half ended TD 1-1 Cas 3-0 in favour of the Elves.

Galumph returned to the field to the relief of the coach. Chuckdril grabbed the ball and passed to Leftdril but Gimble's Pass Block put him right in front of the Catcher. After three 2D hits the sidestepping Gutter Runner was right where he started and still standing, Leftdril failed to dodge away and Chuckdril caught the ball again. Unfortunately he was open to a negative Blitz from Whiffle who put him down, grabbed the ball and ran off to score.
Rocks were thrown on the kick, KO'ing a Lineelf and Badly Hurting Whiffle. Once again the Elves ran the ball downfield from the kick and got a Catcher in scoring range, this time a Gutter Runner blitz put him down on the sideline and the ball went out, only to be thrown straight into the arms of Prince Moranion. With Galumph's tail threatening the only two other players in range, the Prince scored himself to make it 2 all.
The Mome Raths now had 7 against 11 on the field again so just ran to apparent safety. The Apogeenauts dodged players out, clearing a diagonal path across field for Rightdril to GFI for the 2D hit but failed to put Gimble down. With only 1 player unused, a single dice block on the LOS resulted in the Elves suffering their only Casualty when Tomdril got confused and hit Jubjubs fist with his head instead of the other way around. Under threat and undermanned, the Skaven had to score, leaving the Elves 2 turns to equalise once again.
It was 10 Elves against 7 Skaven, no rerolls for either team and the game on the line. Apogeedril Blitzed Gimble but failed to knock him over and Gimble sidestepped closer to the LOS, Rightdril ran downfield, Chuckdril grabbed the ball and attempted a pass to Leftdril to run the ball only to watch in horror as Gimble Pass Blocked and grabbed the interception. A tear in the fabric of reality was created using the Safe Throw skill and it seemed the game would likely end in a draw….then the ball was fumbled. Gyre ran across field in support and Gimble dodged away from Leftdril, picked up the ball from next to Chuckdril and dodged away again while Galumph KO'd Rightdril. With no chance to score, Chuckdril marked Gimble and provided support for Prince Moranion to get a 3D Blitz to put the lone rodent to the turf but failed to beat armour. With nothing else to do, Gimble stood up, dodged away, moved back in to pick up the ball from the feet of Chuckdril and the Prince, dodged away again and crossed the line to end the game.

Final Result TD 4-2 Cas 1-4
Another nailbiter with several 1,1 rolls turning the game back and forth. 3 Players return from injury, 3 players out injured.
- Carbrawn
Sep. 8th, 2011
12 rats enter 5 rats leave
The Mome Raths had the most Fans but even they were cheering for the other team thanks to those skinny bald cheerleaders shaking their hip bones so the Dead Ringers got 3 bonus rerolls, giving them a total of 11 for the game. Hidden in the crowd was a Wizard that the Ringers had hired for the match. Unfortunately he imbibed some of the delicious beverages available at the stadium and when it came time to do his thing there was more fizzle than sizzle.
The match started with a first turn blitz by Galumph putting a zombie off the field before the Mome Raths Whiffle scored an easy TD on turn 2. The single turn for the undead resulted in Imhotep the Unholy Imhotep the Unholy starting his casualty rampage putting a linerat out for the game.
A deep kick put the pressure on the Ringers when they failed to collect the ball and the Gutter Runners ran through the pack but failed to get the ball. After a blitz got the annoying rodent horizontal and dozing, Faceripper gathered the ball and moved away but before getting into good protection he was put down, Whiffle made a succession of dodges through mutiple TZs, picking the ball up on the way and tried to pass to Gyre who was waiting in the EZ. The pass was inaccurate and the crowd threw the ball across the corner and upfield which allowed the Ringers to regather and cage up for a downfield drag. The Mome Raths moved players around and continually got in the way to slow down the TD. The skaven suffered for their tenacity and players kept leaving the field including the targetted Mimsy who will be missing the next match. Eventually one side of the cage was opened and Faceripper had to run downfield with only a single Mummy nearby to protect him. The protection wasn't enough when he was blitzed to the ground a few paces from the line and the Mome Raths ended their turn with 3 TZ on the ball. One Gutter Runner was blitzed to the ground and after Undead ran downfield to help save the score, a lukewarm fireball landed on the 2 standing players but barely ruffled their fur. In fact Burble was invigorated by the warmth, picked up the ball (ignoring the presence of Faceripper), ran downfield and lobbed it to his teammate Gyre who ran far enough downfield to be out of blitz range and waited. The Undead were enraged by the way the ball changed ends so quickly and bashed a few more hapless rats before Gyre walked over the line.
A few more thumps for the Undead turn 8 ended the half.

A full strength Dead Ringers team were now receiving the ball against only 7 Skaven but once again a critical fail let their fast moving opponents run down to pressure the ball. Galumph and Burble were quickly injured by the walking dead (the team apothecary reducing Burle's -MA to a MNG) but it didn't stop the remaining Raths from trying some desperate pushes and a blitz to get Faceripper on the ground, the ball was picked up and handed to Gyre who ran downfield but BH himself on the GFI to score. With all the remaining players for both teams milling around the LOS, the numbers advantage of the Ringers let Fingergobbler get the ball and hide behind a cage of zombies, this time down a widezone so it couldn't be encircled. With time running out, the Skaven made the decision to target Faceripper as he had less distance to travel to the EZ, he was put down and stunned, effectivly taking him out of the game and forcing Fingergobbler to do 2GFIs on both of the remaining turns to reach the EZ. The required speed meant that once again a ghoul had to leave the safety of his teammates and go alone but with only 5 rats left on the field he should have been safe. Caution was thrown to the wind and a linerat GFI gave an assist to Whiffle who dodged away from his Tackle marker to do a single dice blitz against Fingergobbler, the strip ball wasn't even needed and the ghoul hit the turf with the ball on the sideline while down the other end of the field, a sneaky Tumtum stood up unnoticed and moved to be just in range of scoring. With no hope of a TD, the Dead Ringers hit as many as they could, Fingergobbler regained his feet dodged away to make a completion to Faceripper who had just stood up and then Imhotep was sent off for a foul, ending the turn and the game for the Ringers. In an attempt to rub salt into the wound, Jubjub blitzed Faceripper, hoping that his Tackle skill would put the ball carrier down and let Whiffle run in to make a short pass to Tumtum for a T16 TD, he skulled and hit the turf and didn't even hear the horn sound.

Final Result 2-0 Cas 0-7. The Mome Raths are down Mimsy, Burble and (1695) for the next match.
- Carbrawn
Sep. 2nd, 2011
Gutters overrun Catacombs
With FF6 on both sides, the 22,000 strong crowd ended up an even split between the teams. The Paris Catacomb Runners had enough inducements to take Hack n Slash as their only reserve and a Bribe to keep him on the field. The Mome Raths won the toss and chose to receive so the chainsaw wielding skeleton stayed in the dugout.
Forgetting the Frenzy on the Mome Raths Rat Ogre, the Runners lost a zombie to a crowd KO on turn 1 and another to an SI from a LOS hit (easily regenerated). Some movement and a single Blitz wasn't enough of a response to stop Burble from scoring on T2.
The kick from the Mome Raths was in deep backfield so the Necro team moved back to cover the ball before starting the action. Unfortunately Hack'n'Slash first attempt at slaughtering rodents resulted in his own KO and ended his participation in the game. This critical error by the Necros gave the rats the chance to swarm around the LOS and pressure the ball while Tumtum BH a Wight who failed to regenerate, leaving the Runners down to a maximum of 10 players for the rest of the game. The ball was moved downfield but it wasn't far enough as a Skaven blitz put it to the ground where it was picked up and passed for a Gimble TD on T4 to take the Mome Raths into a 2-0 lead on both TDs & Cas.
With 5 turns to score, the Catacomb Runners thought that they had protected the ball well but were shocked by the suicidal tendencies of the Skaven who ran 2 Gutter Runners through multiple sequential TZs to attempt a 1D blitz against the AG4 Ghoul Carrier. The 3rd Dodge INTO a TZ (also the last) of the Strip Ball Gutter Runner failed (he was KO'd) leaving a lone Gutter Runner standing against the forces of death….he was left lying face down and the ball moved on. The hits came from both sides with another Necro player BH (and regenerated) and two more Skaven KO'd until ElfEater, in reach of the EZ, was pushed to the sideline with a Gutter Runner in front of him and a Thrower beside him. A blitz saw the Thrower down and ElfEater dodged away to hand off to Mr HYDE who crossed the line for the T7 TD.
None of the 3 skaven came back from KO but the Mome Raths tried for a 1T TD with the remaining players. The 2+ dodge failed and the Runners took the few free hits before the half ended TD 2-1 Cas 3-0.

The second half started better for the living impaired and a large number of Skaven actions were rolling over and standing up or being carried away from the field with a crowd stun, 3 more KO's and finally an SI from Mr Jekhill putting a Gutter Runner out for the next game. Despite desperate dodges and blitzes, the 6 defenders were not enough to stop Mr HYDE from strolling in with the ball to bring the score even on T5.
The Mome Raths knew that if they scored too quickly the fast moving Werewolves would have a chance to equalise so hits weren't followed up while a mix of players moved down one widezone to provide scoring options should the delay lead to attrition. Luckily the only player to leave was the Zombie GrosBill who picked up a Niggling Injury thanks to Galumph and with several Necro positionals on the wrong side of the field, the remaining ones were marked up or knocked down and the ball went rocketing downfield to a GR who moved downfield to just outside of the EZ. A tactical block left enough of a gap that a single 2+ dodge and 2 GFIs allowed a Ghoul to blitz the ball carrier but the double push on a RR wasn't good enough and Burble crossed the line on T7 to take the Skaven back into the lead.
With only 1 turn left the Paris Catacomb Runners tried to gain some more Casualties, even doing another foul in an attempt to use their bribe. With players put down or pushed away it was left to Galumph to blitz a zombie before the horn went.
Final Result TD 3-2 Cas 4-1
- Carbrawn
June 29th, 2011
Dark Elves Hazey about Purple Blurs
From the start of the game the teams were close. The last opponent for both teams was the Turner Tadpoles who were defeated on both occassions, for this match the Mome Raths had only 1000 more Fans than their Dark Elf opponents, the roll to determine the kickoff was a 5 & 6 (with the Mome Raths receiving), the Skaven scored on T2 with their rookie Gutter Runner Burble, the Dark Elves Turtle on T3 for a skill. This was set to be a hard fought game.
Then it all changed. Purple Haze lost a Lineelf to a vicious block, another lineelf and a Witch Elf were KO'd which left them with only 8 players when the Skaven scored to end the half 2-1.

With a Witch Elf failing to return from KO (despite Babe assistance) the Haze had only 9 on the field and a Pitch invasion stunned a further 3. Despite the losses, the Haze strove onwards and the Mome Raths had to fight to try & stop the TD, taking risky 1D blocks to free up players so (with numerous GFIs to provide markups & an assist) Mimsy could blitz the ball carrier just paces from the EZ. The bounce went to a lineelf in 2 TZs who caught the ball, a blitz by one of his team mates freed him up so he ony needed a 2+ dodge to score, despite the reroll he failed and Mimsy grabbed the ball and lobbed downfield to Burble who ran in for his skill making TD.
Once again the pitch was invaded, but this time it was a streaker and the players merely stood around watching until they were escorted off the field and play could continue. This time a critical failed block saw the Dark Elves turn end with most players unused and the Skaven swarmed through and around. The ball didn't make it over the LOS and the Mome Raths ran in a 4th TD on T16 to close the match.

Final Result TD 4-1 Cas 1-0.
- Carbrawn
June 20th, 2011
Running beats Jumping
With great weather the Mome Raths won the toss and received at the first kick and a rush of Gutter Runners saw a quick TD by Gyre on T2.
A deep kick to the Slaan wasn't collected when Cozmo failed to pick up the ball and once again the Gutter Runners rushed around the LOS to put the pressure on. Cosmo gathered up the ball and rushed downfield to pass to an open square which would have left it well out of reach of the Skaven but not out of reach of his linefrog team mates who had hurried past him. Unfortunately his first turn ball failure had made him nervous and he fumbled the ball to the ground. The Catcher was knocked out of the way and Gimble ran back downfield to pick it up and throw it to Gyre who ran in for his 2nd TD.
It started raining on the next kickoff but the Slaan seemed to enjoy it, gathered the ball and caged to move downfield. Without a care for his own safety Jubjub dodged into the Cage and despite being outmuscled stripped the ball from Curmet (with a reroll) causing it to bounce out of the mob. Eventually it was grabbed by Gimble who gave it to Gyre to get a T8 TD to end the half 3-0.

The rain turned to snow in the second half and gameplay slowed down. The Slaan caged more solidly and started moving downfield until a positioning error left a gap and Whiffle once again stripped the ball. Unfortunately for the rodents, the bounce was not in their favour and landed in 4 Slaan TZs which allowed the cold blooded amphibians to recover and move several players into a defensive wall around their ball carrier who was in range to score. Alas it was not to be, a double icy GFI by Mimsy put Curmet to the ground and stunned him, Whiffle ran down to provide some more protection for Gimble who with several risky dodges moved through the wall and grabbed the fallen ball. The rats had forgotten about Leaping again and Legs came bounding in to put Gimble to the ground, one of his teammates left his wall position to pick up the ball in 1TZ and just needed to dodge away to score on T16 but fell over the leg of Whiffle just 3 paces from the EZ. Once again the Movement and Agility of the Mome Raths paid off when Gimble stood up, grabbed the ball and ran off to pass to Gyre who bolted downfield to GFI for his 4th TD of the match.

Final Result TD 4-0 Cas 1-2 (with an AV6 Linerat killed and a Storm Vermin MNG)
The Kroxigor really didn't help the Slann with numerous BoneHeads leaving players unmarked and very few of his blocks putting players down (though he managed to KO those who did hit the turf). The other player who seemed to be in the pay of the Mome Raths was Cosmo who consistently failed 2+ actions and burnt rerolls his team mates could have used.
- Carbrawn
Apr. 27th, 2011
Snake Eyes
Obviously the Beech Gladers, incensed by their loss, put some wierd spell on the Mome Raths and made them suffer the Elven Curse. While standard actions were fine and occassional freak skill checks worked, it was critical opportunities with 2+ rerolls that resulted in the loss.

The match started with the Mome Raths receiving and scoring.
After kicking off, the rat pack swarmed around the LOS, took down the thrower and gained possession on T5, just needing a dodge by Gyre to make the score 2-0 and gain a skill. 1,1 and the ball went off the sideline, across the corner & off the endzone and then straight upfield towards the LOS where the ball was regained by the Knight Owls and a Blitzer started moving for a T8 TD. Luckily the Mome Raths wizard wasn't included in the curse and a lightning bolt put the blitzer to the turf with no one else in scoring distance.

The second half started with a safe ball retrieval by the Knight Owls and Rodents started falling like flies, hitting 6 KO's (2 from the prev half) and a BH off the field. Twice Whiffle failed the easy dodges to Strip the ball carrying Catcher but strategic positioning slowed the humans long enough to allow a successful Storm Vermin Blitz and the ball was once again thrown by the crowd, this time it was the Owls who failed the pick up that would have allowed them to walk in a TD, leaving the ball in 2 TZs. Gimble stood up, dodged, dodged into the 2 TZs, picked up the ball, dodged into 1 TZ, dodged out, GFI twice and did a short pass to Whiffle downfield to score next turn. Whiffle was knocked unconscious and with a running handoff the Owls finally walked over the line with 5 Skaven left on the field.
The rats set up with 9 players but got into scoring position with little effort. Once again it was a 2+ dodge required to get a Gutter Runner over the line for a 2-1 lead, once again it was a 1,1 and after gaining possession the Owls handed off to their Ogre Elan to use the remaining turns getting downfield. Catching the hand-off, he strolled towards the EZ, shrugging off negative 2D blocks by desperate rodents until he was marked by 2 GRs. He managed to push one out of the way and make the 4+ dodge for his first TD.
The Mome Raths set up for a 1 turn TD, the pushes were perfect, getting Gimble over the LOS and and only needing 2 dodges and a single GFI to get over the line for the draw. The ball was picked up and run foward, the pass was accurate and the catch roll was a 1.
Final Result 1-2 Cas 0-2.
- Carbrawn
Apr. 21st, 2011
Armour 7 is high enough
With high MA and AG present on both teams, player positioning was calculated and considered, resulting in an unexpectedly low score for teams with high MA & AG players. Blocks were surprisingly frequent but despite only two players having AV 8, the numbers on the field were not greatly reduced. Even with no reserves, it was only in the 2nd half when Filseng Ghend was sent off for fouling and Marnon Crache was KO'd that the Beech Gladers dropped to 8 on the field, the lowest number reached by either team.
The Mome Raths Thrower Mimsy spent the match showing off his tricks, every attempt to pick up or pass was started with an (obviously faked) drop or a fumble before he juggled the ball into a success.

After the Beech Gladers scored with Marnon Crache (giving him his first skill), the Skaven went for the equaliser. A QP to Whiffle just needed a GFI to score but a patch of mud left him prone and the ball in the EZ. In a desperate move to get ahead, Nestyr Surefoot ran back downfield with a GFI to attempt a Long Pass to a Lineelf who would have been able to hand off to Astelyn Footlight to run in a TD. The patch of mud was wider than he thought and he also hit the turf. This time the ball went into the crowd who threw it across the corner of the field to some friends where it was then tossed back over the LOS, giving Mimsy another chance to pass back to Whiffle who stood up to catch for the TD.
With only 1 turn left, the Beech Gladers secured the ball after a High Kick and the half ended 1-1.
The next half started with both teams scoring quick TDs with little difficulty. Then disaster struck for the Mome Raths with a Blitz result allowing Marnon Crache to catch the ball with a Catcher marking up the nearest player. Running rats in from everywhere, Jubjub GFI'd twice to blitz with an assist, and for the first time in the match a Wardancer was blocked to the ground. The Mome Raths knocked down the nearby catcher and with no rerolls left put 4 TZs on the ball rather than try to pick it up. Marnon Crache stood up and tried a desparate move, still a bit stunned from the hit, he didn't think of leaping so he dodged into the cage to try & pick up the ball in 4 TZs with the intention of dodging out again and running away for a TD next turn....he failed the dodge. Seeing a chance to get rid of a threat, a linerat ran in and fouled him with 4 assists, Badly Hurting him. Mimsy was free to grab the ball and pass to Gimble who moved into range of the winning TD with Gyre nearby. He was smashed to the ground and once again the Wood Elves just need to pick up the ball and pass to a waiting Catcher, the ball was fumbled. It was turn 16, no rerolls remained, Whiffle dodged away from his marker, ran around the LOS, dodged into 2 TZs to pick up the ball, dodged into another TZ, dodged out again to make a Short pass to Gyre to run in for the win.
Final Result TD 3-2 Cas 2-1
- Carbrawn
Apr. 15th, 2011
The Mome Raths girded their enormous (by proportion) loins and issued a challenge to the Phullagore Ravens, an Ogre team with a team value almost $600k higher than the Skaven. The inducement funds went on an extra apothecary and a Babe to help the hurt, a Wizard for the psychological impact, Skitter Stab-Stab to slice up those AV5 dodging sidesteppers and Fezglitch just so they would get a chance at a 2D block against an Ogre.

Even with a double 6 for fans the Mome Raths still missed out on FAME by 1. This was a serious failure as the first kick saw a pitch invasion with FIVE rolls of 5 (along with two 6s) leaving the team devastated and prone. Unfortunately Fezglitch was one of those 5s and the Plague Vermin was off the field without a single action for the second time out of his two appearances on the Mome Raths roster. Skitter showed just as much effect with several attempts to beat armour on a snotling failing, eventually he recovered the ball after a fumbled Skaven pass and did a handoff to Gimble for the TD.
A high kick saw Masexk Ironbone under the ball and with a dextrous catch start to trundle downfield with just enough turns to cross the line with his improved MA. Unfortunately after reaching the LOS the Ravens coach was heard warning his player to beware of the Mome Raths wizard. This remark was unfortunate as the Mome Raths coach had completely forgotten but was quick to leap on the action, with a lightning bolt putting Masexk Ironbone to the ground and the ball in the TZ of two of his team mates. Skitter dodged in to take out the snotling with a quick flick of his blade but once again forgot to take it out of its sheath so Gyre had to run in, pick up the ball in 2 TZ and make 3 more dodges to pass to Whiffle who ran in for the TD.
With 1 turn left in the half the Ravens were lined up for the Snotling lob 1T TD but a Blitz kickoff result enabled Skitter to finally prove his worth, beating armour for the first time and stunning the potential flyer before he left the ground.

The start of the second half saw some badly positioned boneheads and a failed GFI enabling the Skaven to grab possession and quickly score against the kick for a 3-0 lead.
The next kick was a touchback and this time there was no stopping Masexk Ironbone who crossed the line quickly. With Skaven numbers depleting steadily during the game they had to hope for errors and attrition to give them a chance at a draw.
Only 6 Mome Raths were on the field to receive the kick, 2 Linerats, a Storm Vermin, 2 Gutter Runners and Skitter Stab-Stab who was still defying the odds and surviving 3D Ogre hits. With some sacrificial markups, lackluster Ogres blocks and 2 consecutive Bonehead rolls on Blitz actions it was enough to score on T8 to give them a 4th TD.
Final result TD 4-1 Cas 3-5 (all 3 caused by the Mome Raths were BH, one stab, one block and the failed Snotling GFI)
- Carbrawn
Sep. 4th, 2010
Shame, shame, shame
Losing all 3 rerolls in both halves of the match put a damper on the abilities of the Mome Raths. Failing 7 KO rolls didn't help much either.
Despite that, the Mome Raths kept pushing. After Wicked Del Diablo was killed after a botched landing, the skaven got up 1-0 at the half. At the kick, they managed to put down the ball carrying halfling, dodge a Gutter Runner in to 2TZ to pick up the ball, Dodge into another TZ and GFI to pass back over the LOS to change the game to offence. Unfortunately, the very next turn, that same Gutter Runner tried to dodge downfield to be out of reach and wait for the pass back, but double 1'd and was KO'd. That was the start of the end, a thrown halfling landed on Slithy Badly Hurting him, the Storm Vermin Jubjub was killed by Halfling Nigel Piledriver (though the apothecary reduced it to merely a MA loss) and more skaven went to the KO bin while Blackwater scored. With numbers low they were unable to keep the halflings out and at the 2nd TD, the Mome Raths had 6 KO'd (including all 3 Gutter Runners) and 3 Injured.

Really though, I think its the Treemen who should be embarrased, with two of their three cas (including the Fatality) coming from Halflings.

Final Result TD 1-2 Cas 2-3 (Kills 1-1)
- Carbrawn
Nov. 6th, 2009
Outrun, Outscore, Outgrabe!
A new skaven team has entered the league, sponsored by Snicker-Snacks and Gillette Vorpal Blades (you'll never need a closer shave).
- Carbrawn
Mome Raths
Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Carbrawn

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  1    Elfblacks
Origins 2, round 11
  2    Black Legion
  2    Drakwald Dragons
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