Rodbert Annoy

Rodbert Annoy
Herman's Heroes team retired

   Roster number: 3  

Value: 220,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 1
Touchdowns: 7
Casualties: 16  (1 was a kill!)
MVP awards: 4
Star Player Points: 74
MA ST AG AV Skills
7 3 3 9 Claws, Frenzy, Regeneration, Block, AV+, Mighty Blow, Tackle

Sustained Injuries: -MA


-- Herman's Heroes has retired team retired --.
Rodbert joined Herman's Heroes after the death of his litter brother Rodver Annoy was killed. With the ability to carry more armour Rodbert is looking forward to inflicting pain and misery on his opponents. Now with Mighty Blow he only needs to roll a 7 to punch through anyones Armour.

With a couple of new CAS and the Tackle Skill, Rodbert is looking forward to feasting on those pesky Dodgey players.

Rodbert is getting old and slow but is still the best player on the team.

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Chaos Cup 4 Winner
Origins Season 1 Winner

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