Anarchist Angels

Race:  Chaos
Coach:  Carbrawn
One of the founding teams, the Angels retired with the Southern Valley Shield; Team Records for Interceptions (7), Casualties (139) and Most Season Cas (49) as well as Player Records for Completions, Interceptions, Casualties, Fatalities and SPP. They also boast the first Super Star Barbas (killed the following game) and the first to reach 100 SPP Clisthert.
When they went into retirement they still had 10 of their original 11 players (4 had played all 48 matches), now only 6 of their original roster remain, none of whom hold Ironman status.

Anarchist Angels team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 11th, 2017
Brutomax Broots spent some excess cash on an extra card to give them four for the game.
The game started slow with Brutomax Broots receiving the kick, and moving players downfield to receive from their miraculous Thrower Burokinukka. It looked like they were certain to score until once again Blackmail raised its ugly head as it did in the Angels previous game where Geryon bashed Choronzon into the injury bin. This time it was the ST4 Blitzer Bhrukka who pounded his ball carrying teammate Taznak into the turf. Taznak had to be carried off with a Fractured Skull, but the apothecary managed to treat this down to a Niggling Injury. Bhrukka then assisted Bar-Lgura in pushing the Blodging Lineorc Sugg'sha away from the ball to leave it open. The serious play was lined up, Asmoday was going to use his AG4 to dodge away from his marker, pick up the ball and make a quick pass to Vepar who would run and hand off to Zepar for a runaway TD, only a single Orc would have been able to reach him but a Neg 2D Blitz was unlikely to put down the ST5 Blodge Sidestepper before he crossed. Unfortunately Asmoday immediately failed the 2+ dodge and was stunned. Burokinukka moved down and with a GFI grabbed the free ball and passed to the Blodge Blitzer Zuakka who got to the EZ and then did a GFI to get out of Blitz range and wait out a final turn so the Angels would only get turn 8 with the ball. Mullin didn’t like the quick turnaround and hit Burokinukka into the cas bin BH and out for the match while Geryon went for the save. A Frenzy Blitz put Sugg’sha down and two GFI’s got the Minotaurs tentacles around the ball carrier. Not wanting to risk a failure somewhere else, Zuakka tried to escape and with a redo he managed to slip free, only to trip over his own feet and not even his Dodge skill saved him from crashing to the ground with a Serious Concussion. Seeing the ball nearby, Geryon made the decision, the picked it up and passed to Vepar who looked confused as there was no way for the team to score so the half ended 0-0.

A magic sponge fixed Zuakka right up and he was back on the pitch but the Orcs were down to 10 and with the two Angels recovering from KO they were still on full strength. Then things got worse. Geryon BH the Black Orc Allagnakka II and Bar-Lgura Blitzed the Goblin Skweltch, killing him while the ball moved down the widezone in Clistherts hands with Mullin for protection and a few other Angel scattered around to make the blitz difficult. Seeing there was no way to stop the TD, the Broots coach made shooing motions to encourage a quick score. His prayers were answered with Mullin taking a handoff and making a GFI to score.
It was now 8 Orcs to 11 Chaos players so the greenskins decided to even up the numbers from the kick with two casualties on the first turn of the drive putting B10-3 and B14-4 out BH. Mullin was the only player to get past the LOS and move towards the AG4 lineorc Gremnak with the ball in backfield so relying on his teammates muscle to protect the ball the orc lobbed a pass to the Troll Gw'Arglot, if he caught it it was safe, if he didn’t it was likely to be in two Broots TZs. He didn’t catch it so it lay in the grass next to him and the Rookie Black Orc RhoaAzz II. Unfortunately Trolls don’t bother the Angels, Vepar blitzed the Big Guy off the field with a Smashed Collar bone which he failed to regenerate (the coach was heard muttering about the fast that even a Star Troll isn’t worth keeping with ST4). RhoaAzz II was then pushed next to Geryon who KO’d him and the Broots were down to 6. With the ball unmarked, Zepar moved over to pick it up and start downfield. Dodges, GFI’s and much yelling resulted in a successful 1D Blitz and the ball was free again. Trying to prevent a 2-0 loss, Gremnak pick up the ball and made a Long Pass downfield to nowhere. B12-4 ran back upfield to try and salvage the situation and Zepar got into scoring range. With the clock running down, B12-4 made a Quick Pass to Vepar who ran for a TD handoff to Zepar who failed to catch. One turn and a Black Orc in scoring range, the ball was grabbed and a pass was attempted but it was fumbled and the siren went.

Final Result TD 1-0 Cas 6-3 Kills 1-0 but it was a Goblin so doesn’t really count.

What a bloodbath, the Angels managed to get more than double their average cas, having caused only 15 injuries in 6 games they came out of this one with 6. The extra cash spent by the Broots meant they couldn't afford to replace their Troll for the next game, ouch!
- Carbrawn
Aug. 17th, 2017 - old news
Just No!
This won’t be much of a writeup as the game was too appalling to properly document.
A short summary of the first half is that both Werewolves put themselves out injured, the first trying to free up the ball carrier for a walk in TD but throwing a 2D Block for double skulls after the team reroll was used, Badly Hurt and failed regen. A few turns later the second Werewolf failed the 2+ dodge away from Tackle to blitz the ball carrier, Badly Hurt and failed regen. These two failures allow the Angels to score against the kick on T8.

A Magic sponge brought back Tara The Terible and the second half started with Grim Reaper Guards getting Blitz on the kickoff, forcing a hole and running enough players through to take possession and score on T3 having caused 2 casualties (Clisthert out MNG and Xaphan killed and raised as a zombie) and 3 KO’s to give them the numbers advantage.
The Angels received and used ST5 Warriors to get the ball downfield to score on T16 with massive failures and turnovers on both sides along the way.
Grim Reaper Guards tried for the 1T TD but Anarchist Angels got a Blitz kick and disrupted their positioning.

Over the course of the game there were 6 sets of double skulls, two single dice skulls rerolled to skulls, 3 failed GFIs using rerolls and multiple failed 2+ dodges leaving the teams just shy of a 50% turnover rate including three consecutive turnovers on the first dice roll.
The Grim Reaper Guards suffered four casualties, failing regen on all four occasions and the ST4 Wight Echo of the Dead was KO’d in the first half and failed his three recovery rolls.
Final Result TD 2-1 Cas 4-2 Kills 1-1
- Carbrawn
July 26th, 2017 - old news
Tragedy of errors
In pouring rain the Anarchist Angels turned up to face the lowest valued team in the Majors, giving away a massive $990k in inducements. Ellyrion Eyra’s spent the money hiring Morg, Prince Moranion, two roaming apothecaries and two Bloodweiser Babes as they were expected to suffer greatly on the casualty table. The High Elves also bribed the crowd and the game had very Rowdy Fans supporting the weaker team.
The Elves were so confident that Morg and Moranion would will the game for them they developed some Bad Habits and the team had no rerolls for the first half which cost them dearly with turnovers on the first dice roll for turns 1,2,5,6 and 7. Setting up to receive, the Angels line of scrimmage was ineffectual but Geryon was keen to participate and stunned Morg immediately. The following turn he ran across the field and stunned Prince Moranion leaving the other Angels to protect Clisthert as he moved downfield. After stunning another player and seeing Morg stand up again, Geryon rushed back over and then spent the rest of the half pushing and knocking Morg down, stunning him once more but not removing him from the field. Meanwhile the upfield progress was hampered by the Angels complete lack of ability to get anyone off the field until Asmoday smashed Horthborn Elerdel to the ground, killing him (the Elves apothecary rushed over to help him back to his feet and into the reserves). The Elves incredible mobility kept the harassment going and eventually Salron Galathalar stood up, dodged downfield to make a 1D Blitz on Clisthert with an unlucky bounce putting the ball into the hands of Mullin who caught it despite the water and the pressure of Salron’s TZ. The retaliation for hitting Clisthert was immediate and on the Elves next turn the only player standing was Prince Moranion who ran in with a GFI to blitz Mullin but failed the dodge before the final GFI to hit him. Mullin handed off to Vepar in the EZ for the turn 8 TD.
A Riot at the kick suddenly gave the High Elves a chance for a TD until the failed pickup on T7 was followed by a failed block on T8 to free up a receiver.

Ellyrion Eyra’s hope rose and fell in the second half when Morg KO’d the ST5 Blodge/Side Stepper Zepar but Idhrengolion Elenelon failed the pick up in deep backfield on turn 1. The agile players scattered and dodged again and again, preventing the chaos team from getting downfield and giving Idhrengolion more chances to gain possession which he failed to do on turn 2 and 3 and 4 (while B14-4 and the elven Journeyman broke from the rest of the teams to get downfield. It was then the Throwers true nature was revealed as the Angels blackmailed him into providing an assist for 14 to Blitz the journeyman into the KO bin and move into the EZ to wait for the pass to put the Angels into a 2-0 lead with 4 turns left. Idhrengolion had Sure Hands, Strong Arm and Pass and the Angels had a reroll in hand for the catch but for the 5th consecutive time, the incompetent sod failed to pick up the ball with a reroll making 10 failed 3+ rolls for that player in a row and the Blackmail was wasted. Suddenly with the pressure off Idhrengolion picked up the ball IN A TZ and made a Long Pass downfield into the hands of the no longer dead Horthbom who’s AG5 allowed him to make the catch on a 2 and ran in for the equalising TD.
At the kick Geryon immediately KO’d Morg but then the team collapsed. Once again Salron got through the defence and made a 1D blitz to put down Clisthert and this time the bounce was good. The lineelf Garnon Neltaelen grabbed the ball and ran across field for protection behind the team Blitzers. It wasn’t enough as a serious of chain pushes and hits saw him hit the ground and the his team mates pushed away from the ball so Clisthert could get it back and get next to Geryon for some Guard help. The ST4 Salron hit him anyway allowing Anders Eyradille to run in and pick up the ball, walk across field to try a short pass to Daugorathion Dlarraith who would have needed a 2+ dodge for the TD. Luckily for the Angels the ball was fumbled but unluckily they had no one now in range to score and the game ended after a few more attempts to hit the annoying elves.

End Results TD 1-1 Cas 2-0
- Carbrawn
June 9th, 2017 - old news
Are you kidding me? Again?
The Hellrazors had a clear advantage with their fans for the game but apparently they were all in the back as the Angels had Rowdy Fans right up against the sideline giving assistance for blocks and fouls and ready to hold back any Skaven who tried to assist from the sideline. The refs had been tipped off about the rough playing of Zedax and were watching him closely so he played with Kid Gloves but he wasn’t going to let anyone get him off the field and he was an Iron Man.

Winning the toss, the Skaven didn’t go for the 1 turn play but tried a slow move downfield. This was nearly a critical error with Clisthert dodging across field and putting the ball carrier down. While he was congraluating himself the Rat Ogre Cryxx came up behind him and put him off the field into the KO bin, quickly followed by B14-4 to drop Chaos numbers to 9. With the numbers advantage the Hellrazors ran across the field to delay the TD further and didn’t score until Turn 5 when the pressure became too high.
The Angels set up with Warriors on both widezones and bashing imminent on the LOS but the Hellrazors got a Blitz kick and things got crazy. First Asmoday took the Blackmail pressure and hit his fellow ST5 Warrior Vepar with a skaven assist, luckily this Claw/MB combo didn’t take effect with just a push result. It was enough to open the gap with 6 skaven running through to mark chaos players and stop them getting to the ball. With the ball landing next to the sideline, the fans in the back of the stands starting throwing things with a yell of “Incoming”. It was desperation time and the Angels needed to dodge and Blitz opponents out of the way to let Clisthert run to the ball and Pass sideways to Bar-Lgura who ran upfield with 2 GFI’s for a handoff to Vepar who had to make 3 dodge rolls to get out of the widezone while the rookie Beastman B11-3 marked up the Rat Ogre. Gutter Runners ran from everywhere and managed to put Vepar down before he could get to the EZ. No one managed to get the ball the next turn and when Cryxx double skulled the Blitz against Asmoday it came down to the dice. With no rerolls, Vepar pushed Daxtor away from Bar-Lgura who Blitzed the linerat out of his way and GFI’d into the EZ. Asmoday dodged away from his marker, moved back in to pick up the ball in a TZ, dodged out again to make the TD Pass to equalise the game on T8 with only 3 Beastmen in the KO bin.

Setting up for some heavy hitting and a chance to go for a Claw/MB blitz on the only Skaven with a Niggle, the Angels were not TOO surprised when the Hellrazors came out with another Blitz kick and Daxtor caught the ball with Zedax as a protector. Once again Bar-Lgura showed his worth with a GFI Blitz with Tackle putting Daxtor down on the sideline and the crowd throwing the ball back in to just behind Clisthert. Clisthert took the hint, grabbed the ball and lobbed it up to Asmoday who started moving down with Vepar glaring at him but still covering his back. Across the other side of the field, Mullin threw a 1D block and the unskilled linerat Znek was KO’d becoming the first Skaven to leave the field. Frantic movement from the Skaven put the pressure on again with the Rat Ogre marking the ball carrier but shortly afterwards Xaphan caused the first casualty with Mroxk suffering a Broken Hip. The team apothecary recommended amputation at the waist but it was pointed out this would be fatal and he shut up. Asmoday showed no care for the fact that he was carrying the ball and Blitzed Cryxx out of the way and next to Vepar to keep him busy so he could keep moving towards the EZ. A few more turns of the Skaven failing to knock him down while KO’ing some more Beastmen and Asmoday realised his luck couldn’t last with reduced numbers and crossed the line on T6 to take the Angels into the lead.
The Hellrazors moved several players downfield as potential receivers but then failed the catch to bring the ball from the deep backfield up to the LOS. Irsz was marked by two Beastmen and Choronzon blitzed Daxtor to the ground stunning him while Vepar pushed Zedax just far enough to take him out of scoring range. Then Zepar came into play, running around the back of the LOS, making 3 dodges through TZs and 2 GFIs with a dodge into 2 TZs to mark up the ball and Azock who was the likely playmaker. Cryxx Blitzed Zepar but the Sidestepper just moved around so he was still forcing the dodge. Vepar pushed Zedax further away, Irsz was put down by Baalzephon and Chorozon moved into position to force two dodges for Daxtor to get to the EZ and Asmoday waited for the chance at the interception. Once again it was down to the dice. With no rerolls Sorzek blitzed Zepar down with 3 assists and Tackle, Daxtor stood up and made his two 2+ dodges (damn two heads) and then a 2+ GFI into the EZ, Azock made the 2+ pickup, ran down for a 2+ GFI to make the 2+ pass and Daxtor failed the 2+ catch for the draw.

Final Result 2-1 Cas 1-0
Two Blitz kicks against the Angels AGAIN!
Despite the Angels having a large ST advantage, better armour, more Claw & Mighty Blow, half the number players without Block and the Angels having triple the number of players removed from the field than the Skaven, the HELLRAZORS coach was extremely disappointed in the lack of damage the Skaven had done to the Chaos team….
- Carbrawn
Tournaments played:
SV Shield, Spike Trophy I, Dungeon Bowl I, Chaos Cup I, Bloodbowl I, Chaos Cup II, Grimwaagh Open3, Orkleys Cup 3, Chaos Cup 3
Playing in:
Legends CC 4
Trophies won:
Major League Winner: SV Shield
Major 2nd place: Dungeon Bowl I, Chaos Cup I
Most Casualties: Dungeon Bowl I, Chaos Cup I, Bloodbowl I
Fair play award: SV Shield





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Dungeon Bowl 4 Winner
Assassins Cowl 4 Winner
Southern Valley Shield 4 Winner

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