Belconnen Berzerkers

Race:  Norse
Coach:  Drakeular
Drinking, drinking, drinking.
Drinking ítil Iím drunk.
Standing up, falling down, getting in a fight,
Punching someoneís lights out, falling on the floor,
Waking up next morning,
Then getting drunk some more!

(Repeat ad infinitum until someone asks you to stop,
duff them over, then start again!)

Belconnen Berzerkers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 8th, 2010 - old news
Berzerkers Win First Game this Season
Belconnen Berzerkers defeat a depleted Ruthaen's Reavers in Round 5 allowing the Berzerkers to move up the ladder and out of last place. With returning players the Berzerkers will have a full 16 man roster for their next game. Figths have already broken out amoungst the players to see who will be on the run on squad, so the Berzerkers may have players missing after all.
- Drakeular
July 9th, 2009 - old news
Berzerkers Survive the Infermal Comedy
On the eve of their match against the Infernal Comedy a great feast was had and the Belconnen Berzerker players said farewell to their families and made peace with their Gods. It was known that many a player would die the next day or be crippled.

The game was played and the Berzerkers won 2 - 0 and with only 2 Badly Hurt, 1 MNG and 2 players sent off, all but 1 player is ready for the last few games and a rush to the Finals.

A great feast was had to celebrate the win resulting in 8 Ko's and 7 Miss Next Day.
- Drakeular
Tournaments played:
GTL, Bloodbowl I, Spike Trophy II
Trophies won:
Most Casualties: GTL
Most Fatalities: GTL



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