Brutomax Broots

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Lelruthus
Proudly sponsored by BRUTOMAX™
Hey you! Yeah, you - With the Skin! Get a can of Brutomax inside your face!
Brutomax has the Electrolytes you need to feel stupidly energetic! It's more Ludicrously Powerful than a fleet of Laser-Guided Badger Missiles!
It's like a tornado full of Volkswagen Golfs, full of Steven Seagals, Carrying little tornadoes, full of Volkswagen Golfs, And so on!
Drink a can and you'll be able to eat your enemies! In Power Gravy! You'll never catch fire because fire will be too busy catching you, then going "Uh oh..."

Brutomax Broots team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
Rookie SVS 4, Empire Records3, Spike Trophy 4, Dungeon Bowl 4, Legends CC 4
Trophies won:
Minor League Winner: Empire Records3
Rookie League Winner: Rookie SVS 4
Most Casualties: Rookie SVS 4, Legends CC 4
Most Fatalities: Empire Records3
Most TDīs: Rookie SVS 4






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Origins Season 2
Origins Season 1 Winner

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