Dark Deadly Domis

Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Lelruthus

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Bulletin board from the coach
May 25th, 2017 - old news
Good Sportsmanship from Long-Time Rival
Retired Dark Elven Runner, First SVBBL Legendary Player, Host of the prime-time Blood Bowl Retiree Lifestyle Show "Passed", Occaisional Guest Commentator and Sponsor of the "Encouragement" Rookie Season Awards, Mistress Sonja, Today extended an offer of congratulations to her former passing Rival (During her playing days), Clisthert, for joining the Illustrious Group of Legendary Players to play in the ACT Leagues, whose names are Seared Forever on the Wall of Fame Hidden Somewhere in Canberra.

In a Press Statement from her luxurious home away from the City Bustle, Mistress Sonja offered to arrange to host the "Strictly non-violent Traditional Feast of Legends" at which All Surviving Legends each welcome the newcomers to this exclusive club.
- Lelruthus
May 2nd, 2012 - old news
Legendary welcome of new Legends
The leagues first legend, Mistress Sonja, today tweeted her welcome of the two new players into the "Legendary Player circle"

"@Mistress_Sonja: I'm glad to welcome Zuul and Skeetz Silentstab into the Legendary Players circle of SVBBL. I hope you both survive the remainder of active playing. #Legendary"
- Lelruthus
Feb. 3rd, 2011 - old news
The long wait for the ultimate achievement is finally over.

Mistress Sonja, long time passing legend in the SVBBL, tonight achieved Legendary statue the match of Dark Deadly Domis - Food For Thawt (Dungeon Bowl II, round 10).

Althought DDD lost this match in painful fashion, Mistress Sonja nevertheless claimed the last few points she required to become the first player in SVBBL to achieve this status.

DDD is virtually guaranteed a spot in the Dungeonbowl Finals series this season.
- Lelruthus
May 25th, 2010 - old news
Mistress Sonja claims record
...And is dogged by rumour

In a thrilling concluding game for DDD, Mistress Sonja threw 5 more completions to finish this pre-finals season with a career total of 75 completions, Passing the previous record set by Clistheart by 2.

In her bumper season of throwing 37 completions, Mistress Sonja has added to this being twice named Most Valued Player, two scores and even an interception in round 2.

Mistress Sonja, however, has been dogged by paparatzzi whenever she has gone out on the townn to celebrate her achievements, possibly due to the lightweight uniform that she wears while playing on the field.

However, the paparatzzi claim to have photographic prrof that Mistress Sonja and her competitor for the completions record, Prince Montana of the High times High elves, have been spotted taking dinner together. This claim has led to wide-spread speculation that the two are "Star-Crossed" and in "forbidden love", being that they are of two opposing elven races that, traditionally, will tear one another apart on site.

This reporter, however, did not enjoy Romeo and Juliet, and thinks these two are more likely to kill one another when they next meet rather than stabbing themselves because they think the other one is dead.
- Leigh
Tournaments played:
SV Shield, Dungeon Bowl I, Chaos Cup I, Bloodbowl I, Spike Trophy II, Dungeon Bowl II
Trophies won:
Major League Winner: Chaos Cup I, Spike Trophy II
Most TDīs: Dungeon Bowl II



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