Divine Daemons

Race:  Human
Coach:  Carbrawn
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Feb. 8th, 2016 - old news
Turnabout at the half
The Daemons received the kick and quickly got into scoring position but the Draconic Dreamers spend the next few turns alternately stunning and surrounding the Catchers Marie Claude Brard and Marie Dufour with the Tackle Storm Vermin Black Dragon blitzing and switching across field each action while his team mates smashed the Humans to the ground. By the 4th turn they had managed to drop the defender with 11 successful block and 1 push result and beat armour 9 times. It was Turn 5 when the Daemons managed to get their own back with a J’man SI’d and the other Storm Vermin Copper Dragon BH. This didn’t stop the Skaven as the Rat Ogre Bhaumat immediately killed the Blitzer Mary M de Pazzi before his team mate Blue Dragon crossed for the TD.
They continued in the same vein for the next drive, removing four more Humans from the pitch before Blue Dragon scored his second.
Receiving for the third time and down 2-0, the Daemons were happy with the Riot giving them another Turn to try and get over the line. The fact that they had failed every ball handling action so far did not dissuade them. It should have, with turn 7 ending with another fumbled pass. When their only possible receiver was stunned by the Rat Ogre they decided to go out fighting and sent almost every remaining player down to beat the Rat Ogre down and KO’d him. They then failed another catch to try and get and SPP on the Thrower. Score 0-2.

The Rat Ogre failed to recover from the KO which severely disappointed the Dreamers and the lack of Strength and Guard saw their numbers finally drop below their opponents. Despite the constant harassment by the mobile Skaven and their own inability to pick up a ball, the Daemons got into scoring position but were nearly stopped by a Blitz from the ST3 Gutter Runner Gold Dragon who used a RR to make the 2 GFI’s for the hit and then bounced off the fist of Dufour and BH himself. Dufour then crossed for the TD after another linerat was KO’d.
Only four Skaven were able to set up to receive against nine Humans. They still tried for the TD with Red Dragon gaining Gitka’s Strength of the Bear, taking the catch but then failing to dodge away from his Ogre marker and was stunned. Two turns was enough for the Catchers to get into position and after another failed pass attempt, the ball made it into Dufour’s hands and she ran in for the equaliser on Turn 16.

Final Result TD 2-2 Cas 5-1
The Dreamers were lucky that 2 of their 3 Serious Injuries were on Journeymen but unlucky when the MVP went to the one who had lost ST that game.
- Carbrawn
Dec. 16th, 2015 - old news
Soft and Cuddly Goblins
Someone had convinced the Daemons of the Divine players that the Underworld Goblins were actually cherubs in disguise and the devout Human team refused to hurt them for the entire match.

Bad Moon Rising won the toss, collected a completion in backfield and caged up behind the LOS. Skragga was sent forward to sacrifice himself against the Daemons Ogre Father A but the cunning little sod slipped a Banana Peel under the Big Guys feet and Father A was KO’d when he hit the ground. After being trapped on the sideline from a few push blocks by the Daemons, Kourk tried to dodge free but tripped and suffered a Serious Concussion. The team apothecary changed the diagnosis to a Fractured Skull but the result was the same. The Daemons couldn’t capitalise on the loss and shortly aftwards had one of their own players BH after Rirkz blocked Caellainn. Strangely enough, this injury left just the right gap in the pack. Two goblins were pushed out of the way and Mary M de Pazzi blitzed the AG4 Thrower Skreetz over and the ball was on the ground. More shoving of goblins and the Bad Moons second Thrower Rirkz was knocked down onto the ball bouncing it away from the Grokk the Troll and allowing Margaret  M Alacoque to grab it and pass to Mary Cleophas who was unmarked and over the LOS. The Underworld team went crazy, blocks and dodges everywhere to free up players to reach Mary Cleophas who ended up flanked by two goblins. Mary Cleophas blized one down to be marked by Alacoque and ran downfield out of range of most of the opposing team. With only a single goblin able to reach the ball carrier, the Underworld team tried intimidation with two lineman KO’d and a Blitzer fouled with several assists leaving only 7 Humans on the field. With still only a single goblin able to reach Mary Cleophas who now had most of her remaining team mates in support, the ball was moved the remaining distance downfield to just outside the EZ. Skragga had five friends help him foul Mary M de Pazzi putting her out for the next match but also being spotted by the Ref. There were six Daemons remaining and the only Bad Moon players who had left the field were a result of a failed dodge and a send-off. Mary M Postel threw an unsuccessful 3D block against the goblin annoying Mary Cleophas but the push was enough to free her to walk over the line for the TD.

Father A came back from the KO bin but the Daemons were still down to 9 against 11. Balda unexpectedly caught the kick and ran backfield to hide, Mary Di Rosa pulled out a Wand of Smashing allowing her to put Skreetz on the ground but still not beating armour with Mighty Blow. The gap let the Catchers bolt around the LOS to try for a quick TD to get 2-0 in the lead and hopefully take the win. Both Catchers were flanked, Grokk Blitzed Father A who was KO’d again, and the rest of the team approached the players protecting the ball in the backfield. The Cage moved forward and sideways to go up the Widezone but another Troll Blitz ended with Mary Postel out for the next game and it was 7 v 11. The Catchers broke free, Mary Cleophas blitzed Rirkz who became the first Bad Moon Rising player to leave the field as a result of a Daemons action. Balda tried to hand off to Alacoqua who would have passed down to the waiting Blodge Marie Claude Brard but couldn’t handle the catch herself and the ball was on the ground with the Daemons in serious trouble. Grokk Blitzed Balda down and stood next to Alacoqua but a double skull block on the other side of the field suddenly gave hope. Balda dodged free and blitzed a marking goblin away from the ball but Alacoqua failed the dodge to get free for a pass. Skreetz trotted over to grab the ball and continued downfield but was pressured by every surviving Daemon running towards him and crossed the line for the equalising TD.
With Father A and the linewoman Damhnade failing to recover and three other players injured, the Deamons decided to try and protect the draw but sent Marie Dufour deep downfield just in case. With Mary Cleophas for protection, Alacoque went for a skill making pass to Claude Brard in backfield but fumbled. Dufour was KO’d and the Bad Moon team moved downfield. Di Rosa blitzed a goblin to the ground on her way to form a cage to protect Claude Brard and Alacoque tried to pass again but the Catcher was all thumbs. The skaven and goblins swarmed but couldn’t reach the ball near the EZ, Claude Brard blizted Alacoque free of her marker and she finally managed a pass. With the ball held by a Blodger next to a Guard player and with assists on the side that would have forced multiple dodges, the Bad Moon coach bashed the two remaining linewomen to the turf and the game ended.

Final Result 1-1 Cas 1-3
Having an Ogre with Block doesn’t help when he is only on the field for a single turn and failed to put down the goblin he hit.
- Carbrawn
Nov. 23rd, 2015 - old news
Brute force and ignominy
The Daemons had the most fans at this game and they were Rowdy Fans, trying to hit the Dark Elves every time they were near the sideline.

On the LOS the first three blocks of the game resulted in a KO, a stun and a prone lineelf and the Daemons caged the ball near the LOS. A fireball lobbed by a Rogue Wizard dropped onto the pitch just missing the ball carrier and the cage was over the LOS. It wasn't a very effective cage as a few successful single dice blocks and some dodges got a blitz on the ball carrier, some more dodges and GFI's got the elves the ball and a pass had Dart in range of a TD on their 2nd turn. Father A trundled over to mark Dart along with Marie Dufour and Marie Claude Brard blitzed him to the ground with Dufour catching the bounce. Goodtree blitzed Dufour over but a double skull near the LOS prevented the release of a lineelf to gather the ball. Mary M de Pazzi blitzed Goodtree away from the ball and next to the Ogre but Father A apparently didn't understand what was required and just stared at the Dark Elf instead of hitting him. Dufour got to her feet, grabbed the ball and ran off with Claude Brard following as backup and Freefoot was KO'd in an effort to protect them. It was all in vain, Dart stood up, dodged and did 2 GFI's to mark Claude Brard, Goodtree blitzed Dufour to the turf again, One-Eye dodged over to grab the ball and pass to Pike who ran in for the TD.
The Dark Elves made a perfect deep kick into the EZ and the Daemons were unable to make progress downfield leaving them at risk of not equalising before the half. Eventually it came down to the risky play with a single Blitzer and Catcher dodging free to get in TD range, the catcher was marked up in front and behind and the Blitzer was put down and stunned, leaving only one chance. Claude Brard dodged out, into another TZ, then dodged again and ran into the EZ. A Blitz cleared a path for Margaret  M Alacoque to run around and do two GFIs to get in short pass range and make the successful throw for the TD.

The Wolfriders started quickly from the kick, getting Chief Bearclaw and Ember in scoring range immediately and making a pass to cage right behind the LOS. Bearclaw was BH by a Blitz from Father A who continued to mark up Ember along with Claude Brard who was placed for interception. There wasn't even time to make the pass as Dart tried to dodged out for a Blitz but tripped and Seriously Injured himself. This failure opened the gap and with some movement around the field, Margaret  M Alacoque was able to dodge and Blitz the ball carrier One-Eye, putting him down and catching the bouncing ball herself. One Eye stood up and dodged away and around his team mates to come back on the other side and assist Moonshade to knock Alacoque over in turn but One Eye failed to catch the bounce and the ball was in the open. Several pushes opened a path through the mob of players, Pike grabbed the ball, moved through the middle and handed off to Freefoot who moved downfield with Rainsong as backup. Father A came over to assist the upcoming hit, Dufour marked up Rainsong, Cleophas dodged out for the Guard assist and Claude Brard Blitzed and the ball was once more on the ground. Mary M de Pazzi dodged away from her marker but failed to pick up the ball and it ended in three Daemon TZs. This didn't bother the Wolfriders, a blitz put Claude Brard down on the ball and a lucky bounce moved the ball into 3 Elf TZs and only 1 human. The sole impediment Caellainn was knocked down and BH, then 3 dodges, a pickup, a GFI and a pass saw Freefoot cross the line for a TD.
Another deep kick from the Elves was countered with Come to Papa but Perfect Defence threw off the Daemons attack plan. The confusion didn't last long though as Elves started to leave the field with two casualties and several KO's leaving only 5 of the Wolfriders left for the last few turns against 10 of the Daemons. The Dark Elves would not give up, with the unstoppable Freefoot constantly attacking until after Badly Hurting Dufour, he fell over on a GFI to gather the dropped ball on T16. With no rerolls, Alacoque ran over, picked up the ball with Sure Hands and handed off to Claude Brard who nearly fumbled the catch before crossing to get the draw.

Final Result TD 2-2 Cas 4-2
The Dark Elves were incredible with 1D rolls including one turn with 11 d6 rolls and no failure, but had three double skull blocks and only got 2 Humans off the field during the game but have three players MNG. The Humans had fantastic Block and Armour rolls but required multiple attempts on every touch of the ball except catching the kick.
- Carbrawn
Oct. 6th, 2015 - old news
Two turnovers before the first TD
The Daemons set up with their Catcher and Ogre in the widezone for a bash & run TD but a terrible kick ended up with the ball on the LOS in the same widezone and Perfect Defence meant it was then in the TZ of the Ogre Grapple and a lineman.
Father A pushed the lineman out of the way and with the team thrower out of range, Catcher Marie Claude Brard ran in, grabbed the ball (with a reroll) and dodged away from Grapple to hide behind her team mates. Meanwhile on the other widezone, the linemen Tussle and Hold taunted Mary Cleophas with disparaging comments about Sigmar, a decision they did not live long enough to regret as Mary Cleophas blitzed and killed Tussle on her way over the LOS and after taking the handoff the following turn, blitzed and killed Hold as well on her run towards the End Zone. With 2 casualties in 2 turns and in range of a TD for turn 3, it looked like she would be a player to watch.
Not daunted by the deaths, another lineman dodged away from his marker and reached Mary Cleophas to provide an assist, Clasp made his own dodge and a GFI to blitz the ball carrier to the ground, Badly Hurting her and ending her hope for a game 1 skill.
When the Daemons first action to get someone down to the ball failed, Grasp revealed his aspiration to be a Thrower, picked up the ball and ran down for a Long Bomb to another lineman Grip who was in walking range of a TD. He will be remaining as a lineman as even with the Pass skill the ball dropped at his feet.
While he was looking at the ball he failed to notice the incoming Blitz and hit the turf. Margaret  M Alacoque bolted around the mob, managed to pick up the ball but then failed to get the pass to the waiting catcher and the ball was in the open. Grip ran back up field and snatched the ball, he was quickly Blitzed but only pushed, allowing him to dodge away and hand off to Clutch who ran across the field to within three steps of scoring. His team mates bashed and crushed every nearby opponent to the ground, but didn’t manage to break armour on the closest two. A single unmarked lineman allowed a 2D block to remove the marker, Mary Di Rosa GFI’d to mark the ball carrier and Caellainn GFI’d to blitz and stun Clutch with the ball hitting the ground nearby. Grip tried a 2D block to free up Clasp for a run down to get the ball back but hit the turf himself.
Mary M de Pazzi Blitzed The Grapplers Thrower Wrestle out of the way to clear Balda, Mary Di Rosa grabbed the ball and handed off to Balda who cross the LOS and passed to Marie Claude Brard for an almost length of the field T8 TD.

With one turn to the half, Clasp Badly Hurt Damhnade on the LOS for his second casualty of the game.

The next half started better for The Grapplers. Confront got a Wake Up Call to get him out of the KO bin the team got a bonus reroll from the kickoff and a successful pass to a protected lineman put them in a good position. A lot of punching and shoving from both teams to no result let them move downfield but just when it looked like Father A would be able to get a hit on the ball carrier he was Blitzed by Grapple (at first it looked like Grapple had put himself down but it was a feint and he recovered to smack the priestly Ogre to the ground, stunning him) and Confront ran in for the equalizer.

Once again The Grapplers received perfect defence and once again it became Ogre on Ogre action on the Widezone LOS. Mary M de Pazzi sneakily read Gitka’s scroll to give herself the strength of a Bear and after taking the pass, tried to charge downfield but only managed to push her opponent while Marie Claude Brard ran around the LOS on the opposite side of the field.
Grapple tried the same trick as he pulled off previously and Father A fell for it and fell to the grass. The rest of the team ran over to get the ball carrier with several dodges made to allow an 2D blitz but it was a double skull and the Daemons retained the ball.
Mary M de Pazzi blitzed her way free and moved down near the EZ to be joined by Marie Claude Brard for the imminent TD. Only a single Grappler lineman was able to reach the ball carrier but the negative block saw him prone and Mary M de Pazzi and Marie Claude Brard ran across the other side of the field to delay to turn 15 and remove The Grapplers option to get the draw.
Grapple took out his frustration on Father A again, Badly Hurting him before Clutch tried the risky cross field negative blitz. He made the 4+ dodge but failed the 3+ so the handoff ended the drive with the score 2-1.

One turn left for each team there were a few hits but no one left the field.

Final result TD 2-1 Cas 4-4
4 players in the Cas bin each (a BH Blitzer & Lineman and 2 Dead Linemen for the Grapplers and the Ogre, 2 Blitzers and a lineman all Badly Hurt for the Daemons)
- Carbrawn
Tournaments played:
FA Cup 3, Assassins Cowl4
Trophies won:
Highest Player Loss: FA Cup 3


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