Har Ganeth Harridans

Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Nik
From the beautiful abet deadly garden city state of Har Ganeth; the Harridans, like their namesakes, are a team consisting of some of the most vicious women ever to set foot on a Bloodbowl pitch. The beauty of their lithe elven bodies belays the darkness of their hearts but it is their agility, speed and eagerness to inflict pain that has seen them have success on the pitch.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 10th, 2009 - old news
Post Mortem - the Earl was a Psychic!
Prior to the '09 SVBBL's Orkley tourney Grand Final to be played against the Har Ganeth Harridans one of the High Times High Elves's senior players; the blitzer the Earl of Pain announced that the Grand Final would be his last game.

Well Post Mortem results prove he was right! The Earl was killed by a vicious hit laid on by Harridan's new comer Autumn Crocus early in the second half. Word from the Apothecary's Guild is that the Earl had a severely enlarged medulla, possibly granting him uncanny precognizance!

It is also possible that the Earl wasn't psychic as his stated intention was to retire from the game not be 'retired' from it and that his swollen grey matter isn't the markings of some supernatural ability but the result of the broken neck he suffered in the High Times High Elves - the infernal comedy (Bloodbowl I, round 8) game only two games prior to the Grand Final, as inflicted by the the infernal comedy's pile driving minotaur Iscariot.

The coach of the righteous High Elves was not available for comment, believed to be drowning his sorrows in a pot of herbal tea.
- Nik
Tournaments played:
GTL, Bloodbowl I, Spike Trophy II
Trophies won:
Minor League Winner: Bloodbowl I
Fair play award: GTL



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Chaos Cup 4 Winner
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