High Times High Elves

Race:  High Elf
Coach:  Andrew R

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Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 12th, 2012 - old news
Could the Reavers be ready for a game ?
It was widely speculated that the Reavers would retire after their loss to the High Times High Elves. How ever the coach has loaded their team up with journeymen. Is anyone going to play them? Word on the street is they are too scared to play the Khemri Crows.
- Andrew R
Sep. 3rd, 2012 - old news
10k Bounty Minimum
As you are aware, you are unworthy to play against the High Times High Elves. To beconsidered worthy you must at least place a 10k bounty on our star thrower. Otherwise you will not be considered at all. You are encouraged to place bounties on other players in our team as well.
- Andrew R
Feb. 25th, 2010 - old news
17 completions in one game
The High Times High Elves faced off against their bitter rivals the Reavers in a fine demonstration of the passing game. 17 completions were achieved in the game (helped by a riot in the 2nd half) There were at least 4 failed passing attempts in the match. The High Elves got away to an early 2-0 lead and had 3 completions and 2 touchdowns by the end of turn 4. From there the scoring was basically once every 2 turns to produce a record equalling 9 TDs in the match. The High Elves won 5-4 and had 10 completions to their name.
- Andrew R
Jan. 30th, 2009 - old news
Season review for High Times High Elves
The High Times High Elves have finished their 9 games for the season and are now sitting on top of the ladder in Group 2 waiting for everyone else to overtake them.

We had hopes of just making the finals but with a brutal last game, 3 players were out by the end of the third turn, (One stabbed to death. One SI and one BH), hopes have faded. The 3-4 loss has left the team looking to next season.

The High Times High Elves lost 3 players over the season. Our first strength 4 lineman was killed in game three by the Belconnenn Berserkers (only after game 3 did we have enough for the purchase of an apothecary). The following game a journeyman was killed by the Cairnbarren Ancients and in the last game a lineman “Cardinal Law” was stabbed to death by the Har Ganeth Harridans assassin.
Of note our Thrower Prince Montana racked up 23 completions. Montana’s aggressive passing game has him surely headed towards the leagues highest completions in the league and has the Anarchist Angels “Clisthert” record firmly in sight. Although Montana now has an understudy “King Marino” he still managed 4 completions in the last game of the regular season.

The team’s star catcher Lord Mulberry finished with 14 TDs 2 MVPs and 52 SPPs for the season. He earnt his 4th skill Fend after the last game. Lord Mulberry gained the NOS skill in game 1 and has never looked back. He has had to rely on the teams doctor to keep him on the field.

Some games we were unlucky not to win (Kingston Kritter’s turn 8 scramble through multiple tackle zones for a TD), others we were lucky not to lose (The Belconnen Berserkers failed TD on turn 8). Overall our record was 3-2-4

The High Time High Elves look forward to improving their record in the next season, whether that be in the Major or Minors.
- Michael
Tournaments played:
GTL, Bloodbowl I, Spike Trophy II, Grimwaagh Open3, Grimwaagh IV, Grimwaagh V
Trophies won:
Most TD´s: Bloodbowl I, Grimwaagh Open3


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Chaos Cup 4 Winner
Origins Season 1 Winner

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