Mome Raths

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Carbrawn
Since their foundation the Mome Raths have a close relationship with the local funeral home.
Their current death tally includes
3 Storm Vermin (2 with Block/Tackle/Claw/MB)
7 Gutter Runners (including the formidable Whiffle, Burble and Gimble)
5 Throwers (4 didn't manage a completion but Mimsy made it to 96spp)
25 Linerats (only 5 skills total)

Not many retire, notably the irritating Gyre
Block/Dodge/Side Step/Shadowing/Tackle and ST1 and the ST4/Guard linerat Frabjous with a niggle, two AG loss and finally a ST loss.

Mome Raths team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 8th, 2016 - old news
We won and we're not dead?
Heavily out muscled and massively out armoured, the Mome Raths chose to receive the kick and try to score while they still had players breathing.
The kick went well, the ball was moved up and on the second turn a TD pass was attempted, the ball was intercepted by the Black Orc RhoaAzz who was in the TZ of the Rat Ogre Galumph. With players scattered around the field and not enough assists nearby to hit Galumph, the Broots tried to Blitz him with Gw'Arglot but the Troll was too stupid to work out the instruction, the coach tried again but he was too much of a Loner and RhoaAzz ended the turn still next to the Big Guy. He was quite surprised when he was hit from behind by the Gutter Runner Urbleb who unfortunately caught the bounce after following up. It was turn 5 when the next TD pass was attempted, this one was inaccurate and went of the field several times before being thrown to the feet of the Broots Thrower Burokinukka. The Broots slow movement prevented them getting enough players to protect the ball and once again it ended up in Skaven hands. Sick of the ineptitude of the Throwers, the Gutter Runner Chortle made the pass into the EZ and his team mate Ifflewh managed to score with a Reroll on the catch.
With only a few turns in the half the Mome Raths set up for a solid defence and the deep kick slowed down the Orc play but the first few actions saw a Linerat BH, the other two on the LOS stunned and Urbleb blitzed for a –MA which was apothecaried. Only 7 players active for defence still stopped one of the receivers and numerous markers spread around to stop the ball progressing but the Brutomax Brutes still got the ball over the LOS and two receivers standing waiting for a T8 pass. The first was stunned, the second was marked on three sides with a Guard and a Sidestepper on alternate sides. Unable to reliably free the Blitzer, the Brutes decided to Blitz Ubj Ubj out of the way and GFI the Gobln in for a TD, it didn’t work with the Black Orc Allagnakka II hitting the turf on the blitz.

The second half started with a Blitz, allowing the Skaven to put Lady Felicia under the ball with Ifflewh beside him Urbleb blitzed the only backfield defender, Thrower Burokinukka, down while the rest of the available team ran around to create a defensive wall. Imbleg went down but not out and it turned into a mob of Skaven and Orcs around the ball. A chain block and a Blitz of Burokinukka to the ground again let Imbleg stand up, dodge out and grab the ball and dodge downfield scrambling through the ‘Incoming’ fans to do two more dodges for the TD.
This time the kick was well positioned for the Orcs but Burokinukka developed a serious case of ‘Butterfingers’ which stopped him even attempting to pick up the ball and it was left to the lineorc Gremnak to come back and gain possession. Wanting to get over the line for a chance to equalise, he passed to the open Black Orc Raraggallnak who trundled down with some other greenskins forming up behind him for protection. The goblin Sneek-ee tried to help cut Skaven numbers with a foul but was sent off himself with only a stun. Desperation for the Mome Raths saw Chortle dodge & GFI from the other side of the field to mark Raraggallnak and then Urbleb stood, dodged and GFI’d for the Blitz to put down the Black Orc ball carrier. Excited by the TD save, Galumph gave Gw'Arglot a good thumping and KO’d him, leaving the Skaven with a two player advantage. The Orcs didn’t make any ground and after Galumph Seriously Injured the only player is his way, Chortle grabbed the ball and passed to Imbleg who was standing next to the fumbling Orc Thrower. Imbleg dodged away and ran towards the EZ but out of range of a Blitz and with no rerolls, he didn’t risk the GFI and scored the next turn.
A critical fail by the Orcs left them open on the last kick and after a scramble by both team, Imbleg once again gained possession and crossed the line on T16 to take the score to 4-0.

Final Result TD 4-0 Cas 1-4
Losing an AG4 Mighty Blow Storm Vermin just before you play Khemri is not going to help.
- Carbrawn
Dec. 22nd, 2015 - old news
Are GRG Cursed?
The Grim Reaper Guards had the advantage in fans and won the toss. It was the best luck they had all game.

After failing to catch the kick-off, the Wight Echo of the Dead discovered that the standard ball had been replaced with a Spiked Ball and came close to hurting himself when he fumbled the initial pickup. Bits'N'Pieces was watching his teammate sucking his fingers when a blitz from Galumph took him off the pitch KO’d. The second flesh Golem LeftOvers took umbrage and on the second turn killed Fr Abjous, who was immediately raised and shambled into the dugout to change his uniform. The Guards managed to pick up the ball and caged up for a slow drag downfield but after a couple of turns, a failed GFI from Bogles left Echo of the Dead open to some 1D blocks and he was soon on the ground with the ball in the open. The Skaven exploded into action with dodges to mark up opponents and eventually Ifflewh dodged over to the ball and made a pass to Urbleb who ran off downfield, ALMOST out of range. Both rookie Ghouls did two GFI’s to mark him and Tara The Terible did two GFI’s for the Blitz for a KO, only to see the ball bounce into the only square not in a Neromantic TZ. With Ifflewh in scoring range, the Guards wizard stepped up with a direct lightning hit but failed to beat armour. Tara got a chance to pick up the ball shortly afterwards when Ifflewh stood up and failed the dodge for a run in TD Going for the Extra Mile. Tara failed the pickup that would have seen the ball cross almost the length of the pitch in seconds, only to watch in horror as Ifflewh stood up yet again, snatched the ball from Tara’s feet and crossed for the TD. Neither coach remembered until the second half that Ifflewh had just returned from a Smashed Ankle injury that he reduced his movement, making him the slowest Gutter Runner on the field.
The Grim Reaper Guards set up for a 1T TD but Perfect Defence stopped it.

The second half started with the Mome Raths picking up a completion near their own EZ and getting 5 receivers downfield to wait for the pass. Despite much activity by the Necromantic team, the pass came on turn 2 for the TD.
The Guards were heavily weighted for a push down right field so the ball ended up in deep deep leftfield, even a High Kick didn’t give them the starting possession and a failed pickup let the Gutter Runners swarm around the empty left wide zone and head downfield. There were scrambles on both sides and the ball moved towards the LOS until a failed Block by the Guards opened the game up again, the ball was spilled with a Blitz and ended with another TD against the kick for the Mome Raths.
A Blizzard struck during the kick-off which made the 1 turn TD attempt much riskier, especially with no Rerolls left. The attempt would have left them short of the distance so they protected to score the next turn instead. Despite getting possession over the LOS the Guards suffered a critical failure which allowed the change over and Urbleb and was through the open LOS and downfield with the ball. The remaining Mome Raths dodged and ran through gaps or around their opponents to form a web of TZs that make it an almost impossible task to get through to the ball carrier. Realising they couldn’t make the TD saving Blitz the Guards tried to crush who they could reach but their hearts weren’t in it and the Mome Raths made a quick pass to the eager Imbleg who ran in the TD on T8.
The Guards were defeated but set up for a 1 Turn TD attempt anyway. Once again Perfect Defence ruined the attempt and an inaccurate pass ended the game with the Grim Reaper Guards scoreless.

Final result TD 4-0 Cas 2-2
Several Tackle, several Mighty Blow and plenty of Guard didn’t help the Guards when they struggled to play the ball and couldn’t get Skaven numbers down.
- Carbrawn
Dec. 15th, 2015 - old news
Grave injuries
A surprising amount of Fans turned up to watch the Mome Raths, despite the polls showing Heroes as the favourites the Skaven followers had the numeric advantage.

A quick snap and kick-off return allowed Mimsy to catch the punt and the game was on. Deadwood from the Heroes took off his shoes as the ball was kicked and the odour distracted players in a wide area. Eddie Munster was taken by surprise when the Juggernauting Galumph Blitzed him from the widezone and pushed him into the crowd with Frenzy. He was Seriously Injured and failed to regenerate, putting him out for the next match. Then the scramble started, with the Mome Raths failing to gain any ground and the ball remaining in backfield until a pass receiver was clear. The moment came in turn 4 when Galumph blitzed Rodbert Annoy and broke his leg, once again the regeneration ability failed to kick in and the Heroes were down a second positional player. With a KO’d zombie clearing more space the Gutter Runners bolted downfield and spread for the pass. Then the Heroes broke out, Growler and Betteroff Dead dodged and ran to sandwich Mimsy with Garry Graverobber close by. Um T blitzed the werewolf out of the way but Mimsy failed to dodge out to make the TD pass. Garry walked over to the ball, picked it up and handed it to Betteroff who walked in the TD.
The Heroes failed both KO rolls and with two players injured they were down to 10 on the field. The number was reduced when someone in the crowd decided to Throw a Rock and Deadwood was KO’d as well. Galumph Blitzed Harry Headkicker and stunned him leaving only 8 active players to react to the four receivers spread around downfield. A Heckler from the crowd distracted Urbleb who was unable to use Wrestle or Dodge to resist being hit and ended up stunned, Growler (with a LOT of friends) blocked Galumph to the ground but failed to beat armour. Putting down the strength players wasn’t enough. A Blitz to clear the path resulted in a BH Zombie (who failed to regenerate) and Mimsy passed to Um T who walked down to hand off to Imbleg for the TD on T8.

The Heroes received for the second half and the game turned around. Suddenly it was Skaven being smashed off the field with a linerat killed on T1 and three more injured during the drag downfield. Fortunately the mobile Gutter Runners and the ever present Galumph kept the pressure on and the Heroes ended up in a risky spot forcing a TD with several turns to go.
Several turns is plenty for a team with high movement and six AG4 players. The Skaven made quick moves over the LOS, marked dangerous players and after surviving the response, crossed for the equaliser on T16.

Final result TD 2-2 Cas 3-4
The early numbers advantage including the injuries of the more developed Flesh Golem and Werewolf should have given the game to the Mome Raths despite losing the first TD but with the second half bloodletting they were lucky to keep the draw.
- Carbrawn
Nov. 9th, 2015 - old news
Dark Times for Dark Elves
The Mome Raths came into the match with trepidation, the Black Mountain Ravens were nearly as fast, had everyone as agile as a Gutter Runner, had just as many skills spread but had them spread over every player including 10 Blodgers and 5 Guards. They also had 2 Assassins just waiting to plunge their blades into soft AV7 players. They hired an extra Apothecary as well as a Bloodweiser Babe for safety.
After winning the toss, the Mome Raths chose to receive and at the end of turn prospects looked brighter with two Dark Elves Badly Hurt, one Dead and the ball in the hands of a Thrower surrounded by team mates. The Ravens knew who the dangerous opponents were, the Assassin Larandar Valahuir tried to take out a Gutter Runner, narrowly failing to beat armour, and after no less than three team mates ran in to assist, the Witch Elf Lorandara Meliane Jumped-Up and KO’d the Rat Ogre Galumph. The next turn more Skaven hit the turf so despite outnumbering their opponents, the team newcomer Imbleg crossed on turn 3.
Galumph was still KO’d when the sky opened the ball became very slippery in the wet. The Ravens got aggressive with all three linerats from the LOS down (one of them badly hurt), the ball caged up on the LOS and the Skaven Blitzer Um T prone on the sideline with Lorandara Meliane waiting for him to stand back up. She was blitzed down and onto the sideline herself, allowing Um T to dodge out while the other Blitzer Ubj Ubj ran around the back of the LOS in an attempt to get to the ball that way. There wasn’t a lot of movement in the next few turns with both teams compressing into a smaller and smaller area shaped by the outlying players who dodged free each turn to contain their opponents. The Dark Elf Blodgers and Guards proved their worth with the Skaven unable to gain ground while their own numbers started to thin. Eventually the ball carrier Witch Elf was only 1 square from the EZ and the Mome Raths were desperate. AG4 players dodged through TZs to provide support and clear a path for Urbleb to dodge into 2 TZs and Blitz Arethel Mithaleil down, a couple of GFI’s meant the ball was in the TZ of Tackle Urbleb and Prehensile Tail Ifflewh. Dark Elves ran in from everywhere, Arethel used Jump Up, pushed Urbleb twice to be next to the Assassin Elured Dalos who KO’d him. Lorandara ignored the Foul Appearance, Blitzed Ifflewh to the ground (causing a crippling injury that the apothecary momentarily mistook for death), Curuthin Wertanthirpicked up the ball and walked over the line to end the half.

Galumph and three team mates recovered from KO leaving only Mimsy unconscious and the Skaven only one player short of their opponent and a Riot at the 2nd half kick wound down the clock. Curuthin Wertanthir tried a Quick Pass to the other Runner Silontol Haran but the wet weather was costly with the ball splashing to the ground at his feet. Realising the game was suddenly up for grabs, the Rats jumped at the chance, three dodges and 2 GFI’s got Urbleb to the ball where he activated his Inertial Dampener belt giving anyone who blitzed him a -1 ST, his team mate Chortle dodged through a LOS gap made by this team mates to provide backup. Curuthin got an assist from two team mates to hit Urbleb but ended up on the ground himself. Urbleb took the chance at a dodge and run towards the EZ with Chortle just behind him for protection, Galumph smacked Larandar into the Cas bin, the closest Witch Elf was put down and X-ome Man blitzed Lorandara next to Um T and ran down to support Urbleb. With two players between them and the magically protected ball carrier the Dark Elves would be hard pressed to get a positive Blitz so they decided to try and force the TD. With plenty of help, Lorandara pushed Galumph around but it was Legosul that put him down. Galumph failed to stand and Blitz and consumed a reroll with Loner. He was fouled and stunned by 6 Dark Elves while his team mates split between trying to support him and protect the ball. All the assisting Skaven were knocked down and Meltinir Aldaval fouled again with six assists, only to be sent off without beating armour. The Dark Elves were lucky again with Galumph remaining on the ground yelling like a baby until he was fouled a third time and Badly Hurt. Arethel KO’d Um T and Urbleb crossed the line on T16.
The Black Mountain Ravens did not give up. They set up for a 1T TD against the 8 Skaven that made the field. They pushed and bashed Legosul Daerleon into range and put down the linerat on the last hit leaving the Blitzer with no TZs imposed on the catch. Silontol walked to the ball but the wet weather did him in despite the reroll and the game ended with a splash.

Final Result TD 2-1 Cas 4-4
- Carbrawn
Tournaments played:
Grimwaagh Open, Grimwaagh Open2, Assassins Cowl2, Spike Trophy 3, Dungeon Bowl 3, Blood Bowl 3, Spike Trophy 4, Dungeon Bowl 4
Playing in:
The Last Gasp
Trophies won:
Major League Winner: Spike Trophy 4, Dungeon Bowl 4
Fair play award: Blood Bowl 3, Spike Trophy 4, Dungeon Bowl 4
Most TD´s: Grimwaagh Open2, Assassins Cowl2, Dungeon Bowl 3, Spike Trophy 4, Dungeon Bowl 4
Highest Player Loss: Assassins Cowl2, Spike Trophy 3, Dungeon Bowl 3, Dungeon Bowl 4
Grimwaagh Open: Grimwaagh Open2






Outrun, Outscore, Outgrabe!
Reroll 2 is the Spike Trophy Reroll
Reroll 3 is the Dungeon Bowl Reroll
+2 FAME per match
Wizards cost $30k instead of $80k

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