The Paratroopers

Race:  Slann
Coach:  Andrew R
Dropping into a cage near you.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 14th, 2015 - old news
Valentine's Day Massacare
The slann were expecting a Massacare after the coach recalled Hells Cout reset a Nurgle team on game 1 of their first game in the majors. The Slann took 2 extra apothacaries. 2 players were killed by the Slann but unfortunately they both regenerated (this includes Zuul killed by a lightning bolt) I imagine if they had bounties on them they would have died.
- Andrew R
Tournaments played:
Grimwaagh Open3, Orkleys Cup 3, Chaos Cup 3, Blood Bowl 3
Trophies won:
Highest Player Loss: Orkleys Cup 3
Grimwaagh Open: Grimwaagh Open3



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Chaos Cup 4 Winner
Origins Season 1 Winner

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