Phullagore Ravens

Race:  Ogre
Coach:  Ben P
Hailing from Phullagore to the east of Mount Thug, the entire tribe had an unfortunate tendency to give birth to Ogre's without a paunch. As was tradition they were thrown down a jagged pit and destined to become Gorgers.
That is until a Man-Eater returned and spoke of Nuffle and his game. He saw the lack of gut as a positive trait, a ball at the feet of an Ogre could be seen and therefore more likely to be picked up!
SO now paunch-less Ogres are celebrated and Gnoblers bred smaller all for the worship of Nuffle!

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Bulletin board from the coach
Nov. 23rd, 2009 - old news
We lost!
The Ravens season did not start as planned, losing 3 nothing. On the plus side and thankfully for all involved a Dark Elf was killed so most of the players and fans were happy! So much so that the Ravens received more than twice the winnings of their victorious opponents!

All Snotlings have been warned however that if they continue to fummble the ball they will be placed on the line of scrimmage as punishment!
- Ben P
Tournaments played:
Spike Trophy II, Empire Records, Grimwaagh Open2, Grimwaagh Open3, Empire Records2
Trophies won:
Fair play award: Empire Records2


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Chaos Cup 4 Winner
Origins Season 1 Winner

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