The Red Dragons of Tilea

Race:  Human
Coach:  Hugh

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Apr. 16th, 2009 - old news
Team Value Down by Over 500K in 1 Match
In what can only be described as a brutal match the Red Dragons have finally been able to take a premiership point from the Angels. In the first game the Dragons have not lost to the Angels they have achieved a very costly draw.

With the Dragons going into the break leading 1-0 on the scoreboard and 4-2 on the casualty count the Dragons were on a very short lived high. In the second half the Angels finally clicked into gear and inflicted one touchdown and a phenomenal 6-0 casualty count.

As a result the Dragons team value has dropped from 2,480,000 to 1,900,000 for their next game. they will be missing two of their blitzers, their best thrower, and one of their catchers. They will also be blooding a new lineman, replacing the one with block and two armour reductions, killed by the Angels, and for the first time ever (in about forty games) the Dragons will have a journeyman.

This presents the Hermans Heroes with a once in a lifetime opportunity to extract some revenge on the Red Dragons, who have often been a diffiicult team for the Heroes to beat. What is it they say? Oh yes... payback is a bitch !!!!!!
- Hugh
Mar. 9th, 2009 - old news
Dragons Sneak a Win in Tough Game
In their Round One game against The TTT Hitmen the Red Dragons were lucky to come away with a win. The Dragons left it to Turn 8 of the second half before scoring the game winning touchdown.

In the first half the Hitmen's halfing chef delivered a coup de grace by depriving the Dragons of three rerolls - which was to have a significant impact at the end of the half.

The Dragons received and battled through the Hitmen's Chaos Warriors and Minotaur to score in their fourth turn. During this drive they also BH one of the Hitmen, who was immediately Apothecaried, and killed a Beastman with an AG increase, who was also apothecaried - but the wandering apothecary was unable to improve the result.

Following this touchdown the Dragons kicked to the Hitmen and spent the rest of the half dispossessing them. In the Dragons 8th turn they were clear to run in a touchdown, however as the ball carrier crossed the line he failed a Go For It! and, with three less rerolls, was left to wonder what could have been.

The second half started very like the last few turns of the first. The Dragons kicked, attacked aggressively and looked like they might be making a break with a chance to score roughly halfway through the half. At this point the Hitmen's induced wizard stepped forward and fried the Dragon's ball carrier.

The game degenerated into a brawl by the sideline for a few turns, with bothsides turning over prematurely and not being able to make a clean break. Finally with a couple of turns to go the Hitmen cleared the ball in a very complicated but successful play. The Dragons rallied knowing they still had a more than even chance of getting the ball back and putting themselves into a scoring position. Unfortunately, Alpha Romeo the Dragon's blitzer with a AG increase, failed his dodge, needing anything but a one, and the Dragon's had already used a reroll.

This allowed the opportunity for the Hitmen to run clear of the defence and consume another turn before scoring to make the score one all. At the restart the Dragon's coach called for an all out attack, before realising that hurting the other team (a mistake he made earlier in the match) was not going to achieve anything. So instead he ordered the team to try a scoring move. The Hitmen kicked off and gave the Dragons a touchback, which significantly improved the chances of scoring. The Dragons started their attack with a reroll in hand but once the machine started all went well and Bene Catchani, the Dragon's star catcher was able to run in the touchdown without any trouble (although he did have to reroll one of his Go For Its with his Sure Feet skill).

Unfortunately for the Hitmen they were beaten by one of the most improbable plays in the game and definitely deserved better after such a hard fought game. All credit to the Hitmen and I'm sure they will pay back the slight in a future encounter!!!
- Hugh
Tournaments played:
SV Shield, Spike Trophy I, Dungeon Bowl I, Chaos Cup I, Bloodbowl I, Spike Trophy II
Trophies won:
Major League Winner: Spike Trophy I
Most Casualties: Spike Trophy I
Most TDīs: Spike Trophy I




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