Ruthaen's Reavers

Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Simon M
In the past their training has been focused toward the hitting side of the game but in a recent change in training methods has caused Ruthaen's Reavers to focus more on the finesse side of the game. Three of the players have taken to the Agility training like a sacrafice to the knife.

Ruthaen, Kelida, Morier and Helkaer are the epitmy of elven agility. Now to work on their strength.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 17th, 2009 - old news
Riot kills the Reavers
After an appaling round 9 game vs the High Time High Elves Ruthaen's Reavers were into the finals buy the thinnest margin. TD's for and against.

The game started well and all was equal between the Elf teams at the end of the first half 1-1. The second half saw the Reavers recieve and score in the second turn that was quickly answered by the HTHE. 4 turns remaining and the score was 2-2. The reavers recieved and went for the TD but due to their ferocious offence were able to stop the HTHE in their tracks and give Tyra enough time to hold off from scoring Till turn 8 leaving the score at 3-2.
The High Elf fans started a riot in response to the dark Elf fans taunts. The Ref stopped the clock. and even turned it back giving the HTHE 2 turns to score. And they did so with ease.

golden goal overtime was started with the reavers winning the toss. 1st turn of the over time and Double skulls. HTHE catchers in the offensive backfield then the Mighty dodge to get away from the catchers and retrieve the ball. Ag5 and one tacklezone to doge out of and K'shen trips and fall flat on his face. Prince Morian dodges away from Ruthaen pick up the ball and ends the finals for Ruthen's Reavers.

High Elves and their hissy fits caused the Reavers Downfall
- Simon M
July 14th, 2009 - old news
On The Road To the Finals
After a dismal 1st season where Ruthaen's Reavers didn't make the final they are on their way to the finals of the minor league.

After a streak of ties and one loss Ruthaen'r reavers finally had their 1st win in the minor league. That single win has given them hope and a renewed vigor to ensure another win and the the gleaming trophie of the minor league is well within their reach
- Simon M
Tournaments played:
GTL, Bloodbowl I, Spike Trophy II, Grimwaagh Open3, Grimwaagh IV, Grimwaagh V
Trophies won:
Most Casualties: Grimwaagh IV
Most Fatalities: Grimwaagh IV
Grimwaagh Open: Grimwaagh IV




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