Sons of Sigmar

Race:  Human
Coach:  Big Pete
Sigmar is worshipped as a unifier of mankind, and a protector of the weak and innocent against the insidious threat of Chaos and dark magic.

The Sons of Sigmar take their fight to the Blood Bowl pitch with players recruited from the many deeply religious Knightly Orders of the Templars of Sigmar, including the Knights of Sigmar's Blood, the Order of the Gold Lion, the Order of the Hammers of Sigmar, the Knights of the Twin-Tailed Orb and the Knights of the Fiery Heart.

Sons of Sigmar team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
Grimwaagh IV, Grimwaagh V
Trophies won:
Most Casualties: Grimwaagh V


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Dungeon Bowl 4 Winner
Assassins Cowl 4 Winner
Southern Valley Shield 4 Winner

Latest matches:
Legends CC 4, Semi Final
  3    Grim Reapers Guards
  1    Brutomax Broots
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