Tundra Terps

Race:  Human
Coach:  Jason
Four years ago, Ralph "The Fridge" Town got sent down from the Heaslip Rangers after a training injury in rookie camp without playing a game. He went into the desert and lived off the cactus on a self imposed sabbatical. While he was out there he had some hallucinations after eating the wrong plant and the Tundra Terps was born. He came back into town and recruited these players based on their high school athletics stats. This is his chance, no longer a catcher, The Fridge now leads the blitz as one of the few players with Bowl skills.

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Bulletin board from the coach
July 1st, 2013 - old news
Terps draw in opener against Bloodrunner
Nice day for Blood Bowl! Huge gate with an early season record of 34,000 fans. The game started with a touchback on the kick from the Bisanz BloodRunners, to be repeated on every kick off through the entire game. Some early fumbles by the Terps gave the ball to the Bloodrunners who moved it steadily downfield.

The Terps kept the crowd excited with some casualties from Ralph "Fridge" Town and Jean-Luc Marion. On T7 Skuttlespike made a long pass under pressure for PINKY! waiting in the endzone, but the pass went wild and landed free in the endzone. PINKY! tried to dodge away to get the ball but tripped and went down. Ralph "Fridge" Town made a T8 play, picking up the ball, handing off to Jean-Luc Marion who ran upfield and threw an accurate pass to Nicolas-Francois Dupre. Nicolas-Francois Dupre fending off Gutso Gutso Des to catch the ball, he then blitzed Gutso to break free and dash for the endzone. Having taken the ball the entire length of the field, Nicolas-Francois Dupre then stumbled as he dived for the endzone. With no chance to get the ball, the Bloodrunners start a general melee, with Ol' One Eye putting Talon Redskull into the crowd, Red Tooth breaking Genichi Taguchi's jaw, and Slingshot fouling William Sealy Gosset. The first half ended 0-0.

The second half looked good for the Terps, with the Bloodrunners only able to field 8 players at the kick off. However another touchback on the Terps' kick and a Quick Snap by the Bloodrunners gave them a touchdown on the second phase. The game now became a war of attrition with more players not returning to the field with each kickoff. Talon Redskull was hit by a rock, Genichi Taguchi went down hard trying to block PINKY! and Waloddi Weibull put Prickle Nose into the crowd before Nicolas-Francois Dupre finally scored a T4 touchdown. Talon Redskull probably should have taken the hint after the crowd stunned him, and later him with a rock, because on the T5 kick-off, Ol' One Eye gave an assist to DA CRAW! who killed Talon Redskull in a ruthless piledriver tackle. The Bloodrunners held onto the ball and Red Tooth completed a T7 touchdown. On the last phase of the game, the Terps came up with the ball and William Sealy Gosset threw a long pass to Nicolas-Francois Dupre who scored the equaliser.

The game ended 2-2, but the fans who had turned out for the Terps switched allegiance on the spot to the Bloodrunners.

Overall a turmoiled start for the Terps - one dead, one MNG, a decent gate earning, but -1 Fan Factor.
- Jason
June 10th, 2013 - old news
Tundra Terps out of the desert
This is it, folks! A second first-chance for The Fridge to make good. But he's bought a wagon load of no-show rookies on the promise that they have the numbers on vellum. Good luck, Ralph!
- Jason
Tournaments played:
FA Cup 3 rookie
Trophies won:
Fair play award: FA Cup 3 rookie


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