Zharrduk Infernoes

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  David
Hashut Be Praised!!
It was a long and arduous journey from the Plains of Zharr—but the Zharrduk Infernoes have finally made it. Of the score of players that set out with Sorcerer-Coach Az-Gorth, only eleven arrived. Deaths and injuries in some “friendlies” along the way took their toll. But Master-Apothecary Nahz-Shar is following behind with several recovered players—hopefully they’ll be here soon. Until then, Captain Hashath–Elezar is ready to lead the team to death or glory (or both)

Zharrduk Infernoes team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Aug. 13th, 2010 - old news
Hashut Well Pleased With Sacrifice
The death of a Grim Reaper Guards Wight was instrumental in allowing the Zharrduk Infernoes to win their first game yesterday.

The game seemed destined for a 1-1 draw until Lord Gath permanently ended the playing career of one the Guards’ best players. Not only did this remove a key opposition player but, obviously well pleased with the sacrifice, Hashut then laid a might curse on the Guards that completely poisoned their luck and ensured everything they attempted failed miserably throughout the remainder of the second half.

The Infernoes Sorcerer-Coach, Az-Goth, was deeply moved by the intervention of his deity. “Nuffle is a fine god, but terribly capricious” he was quoted as saying. “Hashut, praise His mighty horns, is a god who directly rewards the sacrifice of souls to him on the pitch.”

Hashut missionaries will be available at the next Infernoes games for any and all coaches that wish to convert.
- David
Aug. 6th, 2010 - old news
Big Crowds But No Joy For Infernoes
Earlier in the week the Zharrduk Infernoes hosted a double header against Wood Elves of The Savage Rose and the Khemri Turner Eternals.

The Wood Elves were just too fast, and agile for the Chaos Dwarfs and ran rings around them for entire game winning the match 4-2. Nor did the Infernoes get much satisfaction from just hitting the elves either - managing to inflict just a single injury.

The second game was a much closer contest. In a hard fought game the Khemri narrowly edged out the Infernoes 2-1. Both sides smacked each other around, with the Infernoes taking particular pride in crippling one of the namesless Khemri Mummies.

Despite the loses, the huge crowds attracted by the rare sight of a Chaos Dwarf team resulted in an avalanche of money coming the Infernoes way. Sorcerer-Coach Az-Goth will no doubt be using that money to strengthen team for future games.
- David
July 30th, 2010 - old news
First Game Negotiated
Az-Gorth, Sorcerer-Coach of the Zharrduk Infernoes, has just finalised negotiations with representaives from Selmie Salientia.

The Chaos Dwarfs will now face the inter-galactic space frogs in their first game of the Open season....
- David
Tournaments played:
Grimwaagh Open, Orkleys Cup II
Trophies won:
Fair play award: Orkleys Cup II


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